Thursday, April 29, 2010

Amanda- New Kindergarten in Sabah

(Everything in mini size-including the toilet cute

(Playground area)

Cooridor in the waiting area)

(Waiting area (front door exit)- the parents car will drive in and the teacher will called the children name through microphone.)

(Amanda on the way home)

Open space outside Amanda class room)

(Amanda in the class room)
Amanda kindy just around 5 minutes drive from Brenda school so very convenient after drop Brenda then will be Amanda. Amanda kindergarten as big as a primary school which about 700 students. Nice environment with good facilities.Attached with some photos for sharing....

Brenda - New Primary School in Sabah

(The long path to canteen)

(Brenda with her friend just came out from changing room. They will change their sport wear during rest time)

(Having their meal while watching TV. The school have a section for kids to watch TV during rest time )

(TV Section area)

(The school field)

(The school was surrounded by hills)

(View behind the school, kids will climb up the stair toward the library)

(The Front view of the school)
Finally, she started to get use to the new school in Sabah. We are very lucky able to relocated in this good primary school in Sabah, Kota Kinabalu.
Attached herewith some photo from the school.

Monday, April 26, 2010

LIDO Market

This uncle selling lots different types of 'kuih-muih'I think got more that 30 types. Just choose...

Last sunday, hubby bring us to the nearest market quite big that called LIDO market. You can get almost everything there specially fresh seafood.The market are crowded with people everyday and I will pass by everyday when sent the children to school but
dare not enter the market because very difficult to find parking plus my good parking skill so...he he

Friday, April 23, 2010

My Princess Brenda 7th Birthday in Sabah

Make a wish........

Dream come true....look at their happy faces

A simple birthday celebration just four of us with birthday song, small cake but with Brenda's dream present...that's make her really HAPPY.Due to it fall on week day so the 'makan' session will delay and she told us she want seafood...big crab and prawn..ha ha of course no problem, sabah so rich with seafood.(will show the seafood photo later)


Company 'Hostel'...our home in Sabah

Some view from my apartment(behind)

Beside my unit surounded by hills (The place we stay was Beverly Hills)

(Some View from my corridor)

(Four Units each floor)..we are in second floor

(da ..da our home)
First of all,to introduce the place that we stay in Sabah. Hubby company provide us accomodation in a three rooms apartment. Above are some photos of my apartment.
Internal still under construction...bit messy due to lots of things to unpack and rearrange.