Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Grade 3 RAD exam

My 2 sweeties will be sitting for their RAD ballet exam today. After this exam they will be ahead to grade 4...time really flies, still remember their first day in ballet class with pink leotard. All the best sweeties.jia you!
I am outside the exam hall now for Amanda and will post my Brenda photo later because her session at noon.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ballet Class parents heart broken day

Last week was my girls ballet parents day that the only day thru the year that as parent can see their kids dance. I have to brain wash my boy since morning that if he wanna see jie jie dance, he has to behave or else teacher will send him out. He promise me because he loves to see jie jie dance, every week when jie jie ballet class close ,he will  so sad and once the door open ..he will run as fast as he can to peek.

On that day, for the first 10 minutes..he really behave but after that he started move around...i did not blame him and let he move as well as not disturb other parents and ballerinas. Due to teacher 'high requirement' my 2 unluckily girls get scolded by teacher in a very teruk way .Really will demotivated the kids...errrr. As a mother, i really beh tahan oredi feel so sad when see their helpless faces and lots of parents around. Now i really understand why my girls keep telling me that they wanna go back to KL to continue their ballet lesson and even said wanna give up. I really don't know what to do...because whole KK only got one RAD ballet school. They both love ballet and been learning for 4years..just they wanna learn in a very happy way. My heart really broken n feel very pain on that moment and plus my boy keep cannot behave and some parents also not pity me and give some understanding...sad, helpless, plus stressful..i lost my EQ.i threw my boy out of the class n let him cry a while, feel sorry to do that but he really behave till the end of the class.

May be my artitle in the mess...because when i am writing the upset emotional still come back....i feel sooo sorry for my girls n of course my little boy. SORRY my 3 sweeties...mama don know what to do now?

The girl with white socks is my second sweeties, Amanda. Brenda is on the other mood to capture more photos oredi.