Friday, October 30, 2009

My Farewell Dinner from Tadika Strawberry @ BBQ Park's buffet. Of course delicious.

My dearest Principal Ms Gan. The cute little boy is Cavin, Teacher Ong son.

Teacher Ong at the back, Teacher Tan with Baby Cavin, me,Miss Eva and Principal Gan . Thanks Ladies for everything,will miss you all and always in my heart forever.

Da Da...Our 'Len luo'(pretty girl) team teachers. They all are young and energertic teacher. Gonna mish you all and you all always in my heart.

Thank You Myspace Comments

Will be more story and pictures about school(Tadika Strawberry) soon.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Early Christmas presents from Grandma

The kids received early christmas present with some dressess and jeans from Grandma. Thanks Grandma.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Stuff -Bear and Cow

My two little princesses have a very special taste...Brenda loves Bear Bear and Amanda loves Cow Moo Moo.
Brenda got plenty of stuff in Bear Bear. (will show later after photo collection)
Amanda with most of her things in Cow Moo Moo.

PaPa reward them some stuff for good exam result and this is one of it. They love it very much.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Princess Brenda melted my heart again with her drawing..

This morning Brenda and Amanda shouting , yelling cum crying for just a book . I did ask them to share to solve the problem but just ignored me. They really make me mad and I keep the book as punishmment and the anger did make me lay hand on their'pat pat' too. i told them them how sad am I when they do that ...bla bla bla of course at the same apply medicine on their'pat pat'. Tell them how much I love them.They seem understand. Just now before go to bed Brenda pass a letter to me. Oh... sorry sweetheart. Ma Ma love more angry of course.

Hoooray ! Completed Exam !!

Finally my two little princesses completed their exam that delay due to they are sick for a week. They did it pretty well. Guess ! Reward them with some small toys. They enjoy themselves in the garden after the exam by shouting hooray!!! so cute

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dear In Our Heart Forever.........12-10-2009

'Ah Kong'(Grandpa) we miss you......

Amanda : MaMa why can't we call 'Cor Cor' (Great Grandpa) phone in Heaven.

Me : Sob...errr cannot

Amanda : Why?...i miss his voice

Amanda : Can 'cor cor' come back?

Me : Cannot

Amanda : Why ?

Another conversation between me and Amanda that really melted my heart when we visit 'cor cor ' in Nursing Home. She called that Daycare like her kindy. Both of them dislike Daycare in kindy. Like all kids they wish to go home after school.

Amanda : MaMa, when you are old I will not place you in 'Daycare'.

Me : Why?

Amanda : Very Kesian(Pity)

Me : But you need to work and nobody can take care MaMa that time.

Amanda : I will 'buy' one Kakak(Maid) to take care of you. OK.

Me: Oh's really melted me. So sweet of her.

They follow me stay in Daycare when I need to work previously. Because of my kids I give up work in daycare. They deserved to have their carefree childhood.

Amanda asked me thousand of why when she miss her 'cor cor' (slap forehead)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Oooopssss hand, foot and mouth disease

Poor Brenda with ulsers....

Little Amanda too.........oooohhh !!!!
Oh no...both of my little princesses 'kena'(get) Coxsackie. They have to be stay away from school at least five days. This morning Brenda have to sit for six exam papers due to absent for Great grandfather furenal. After completed the six papers she come to my class and told me that she is tired and her mouth pain. After check her mouth with 'experience' oh no ...and I rushed to Amanda class to check and oh no...she got it too. I quickly call hubby and informed my principal that I need to rush them to clinic. This time with ulcer in the mouth and no fever.

Hand, foot and mouth diseasehand; foot; mouth; blisters; child; infectious; diseases; virus; coxsackie; ulcers;;

What is hand, foot and mouth disease?
Who gets hand, foot and mouth disease?
Signs and symptoms
How long does it take to develop?
How long is it infectious?
What parents can do
Hand, foot and mouth disease is a very common and mild illness which affects children. It is not related to the disease of a similar name that affects cattle.

I get this article from Parenting and child Health website for reference :-
What is hand, foot and mouth disease?
Hand, foot and mouth disease is caused by a virus (usually Coxsackie virus A16).
It causes blisters on the hands, feet, in the mouth, and often in the nappy area.
Hand, foot and mouth disease can be caused by several other viruses. Rarely, it can be caused by an Enterovirus 71 which causes a rare complication of headache, stiff neck and paralysis. (See the topic 'Enteroviruses' for more information).

It is usually a mild illness, although the child may have a fever for a couple of days and be off food and 'off colour'.
It is not at all like the foot and mouth disease that animals can die from. Children do not die from hand, foot and mouth disease.
It mostly occurs in warmer weather, and tends to spread easily where a lot of young children are together, such as in a child care setting.
Once a child has had the infection he or she is not likely to get it again, but because the same rash can be caused by several different viruses it can appear that a child is having the same infection again.

Who gets hand, foot and mouth disease?
Hand, foot and mouth disease is a very common infection. Virtually all children who get the infection become unwell and develop the rash and ulcers in the mouth. Adults with the disease will usually have the ulcers in their mouth, but less commonly have the rash.

Signs and symptoms
A child who has the infection will usually have a fever, be unwilling to eat or drink because of ulcers in the mouth, have a runny nose and sore throat, and not have much energy. The fever can be high, but often is mild.
Blisters on the hands and feet, and ulcers or blisters in the mouth appear 1-2 days after the first symptoms and may last for 2 – 7 days.
The blisters often appear in the nappy (genital) area and sometimes also on the upper arms, upper legs and bottoms of children.
Because of the sore mouth, the child may refuse to take some foods and drinks.

How long does it take to develop?
It takes 3 to 5 days after first being in contact with the virus for the disease to develop.

How long is it infectious?
A person with the disease is infectious until the blisters dry up. The virus is in the fluid of the blisters, and can be spread by coughing, sneezing and putting objects in the mouth.
The virus is found in the child's poo, and can still be there for several weeks after the child has recovered. Careful hygiene practices are always needed in child care centres and at home.
Children with hand foot and mouth disease should not attend school or child care until all the blisters have dried up.

What parents can do
There is no specific treatment which will make hand, foot and mouth disease go away more quickly.
Give paracetamol for fever if needed (see the topic 'Using paracetamol or ibuprofen').
Offer plenty of drinks. Avoid drinks like orange juice, which is acidic and can cause pain if the mouth has ulcers. Your child may prefer cold drinks, including cold milk drinks, or ice blocks (these can be made with milk). It does not matter if children do not eat for a day or so if they are having some drinks.
See your doctor if your child is unwell, or has a bad headache that persists, or a high fever.
Allow blisters to dry naturally.
There is no immunisation against hand, foot and mouth disease

Monday, October 12, 2009

"Nursery Home' for old age

We went to Penang happilly but back sadly. We went to visit my paternal grandfather who are 100 years old and just being place to 'Nursing Care Home'last week. He dislike that place and keep asking us to bring him out from there. He hold my hand and I really cry wish to bring him out but I unable to take care him alone with 2 kids and job on hand. I told him secretly that I will try to do arrangement to move together with me to KL and take a maid.He noted and said OK. He told me that he will pass away very soon and I ask him why with tears again. He just told me that everybody will go through that when you get old. When I update this half way around 5.00pm in the afternoon, I received a call from my cousin that Grandpa stop breathing and passed away peacefully. I miss him lotsss but in the other hand I also do no want him to suffer. I am glad that he go peacefully. Amitabha.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Penang Hawker Food Again

Home made Durian ice-cream really amazing for those love Durian.

Look at the old type seater..we love it -I sit at the same place thirty years ago with my grandma.It bring back my sweet memory

We are back to Penang again. Settle our lunch at a very old type coffee shop in Penang Road. Keat Seng 'Kopitiam' the foods there were great. I use to go there every weekend with my'popo' when I was young and the hawker person in charge still maintain same. The homemade durian ice-cream and the drink 'Gu leng peng'. Must try if You are in Penang. Jawa Mee cost only RM2.50. Yummy !

Friday, October 9, 2009

Kids Happy Hour

This is how my living room look like when i am busy blogging or prepare lunch for my two little angels during the weekend (FRIDAY). They love to play pretend...pretend to be shopkeeper, pretend to be princesses, pretend to be mother..pretend to be cute. It make me think about myself when I am young..I love to do that too..he he. Today , they use my bedsheet to build house and pretend to be housewives. They can enjoy that for hours.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New friend in KL

Our first new friend in KL. She is so kind, cute and adorable and her name is 'wasabi'. My friend babysit wasabi during our stay in KL. We all miss you wasabi. here are some photo with wasabi.

KL Trip

Hello all sorry a short silence...We are in Kuala Lumpur for few days stay in my best friend house in Puchong. We go there by night train. Kids enjoy most and sleep well too in the train 'bed'. This trip other than hubby settter some formal things and we also look around because we finally plan move to Kuala Lumpur. My best friend Chin Han and her hubby drive us around for house hunting and some appointment with housing agent. Here are some photos in the train.