Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy 2012 to everyone there !

As usual I love Christmas and my kids too....this year due to we stay in apartment so our Christmas tree size have to reduce...but we enjoy doing the preparation.

I cannot go out this year due to confinement and Ryan also too small to be in Public, Hubby bring my two princesses to 1-Borneo to feel the Christmas there, I feel like carry Ryan and joint them but Hubby don't allow....sob sob

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I deliver Ryan is here to say HI !

Our baby Ryan was here on 13-12-2011 morning with weight 3.5kg and 50.5cm length. Herewith some photos for sharing and I will post more birth stories and confinement later . Busy life because my confinement lady only for daycare (7am to 5pm)and 2kids and 1baby to take care and with poor digi line here somemore make everything slow.

Hi! everybody I am little Ryan...see who am I look alike?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

My 38 wks check up.......with final decisionBTL(结扎)

Yesterday was my 38 wks check up.....

BB weight : 3.1kg

My weight :67.1kg

Hubby ,me and doctor have a short discussion and with finalise I will on cesarean and BTL on Tuesday unless baby wish to come out today or tomorrow.

Actually, hubby and myself already discuss this issue when I pregnant this third baby due to age, financial and lot of factors....we decide for BTL and why cesarean and not normal delivery.....because BTL need operation so in state of 2 times pain ,we plan it into 2 in 1....I really scare of pain..forbia.

13-12-2011 will be my cesarean date...really looking forward to see, hold my little one. Wish me good luck ya.

Friday, December 2, 2011

My 37 wks check up.......

My 36 weeks check up been delay due to my gynae was outstation last Saturday. During the check up as usual keep asking doctor baby condition...this time I did ask doctor any symptoms that my baby will be early ..i told doctor i hope that can be a bit also susprised and ask me why ??? I told him that i still have 2 little princesses to take care and alone in Sabah ...nobody can help me to fetch them after school..hubby able to send them but fetching will be a problem for me and need to carry baby with me too....

My weight :66.4kg

BB weight : 2.7kg

My dear baby ...just wondering which date that you already choosen? what symptons u going to give mama....? Everybody looking forward to see u...carry u with a big kissss n hug..Papa keep calling mama everyday in the office ..any symptons? yr two 'jie jie' keep asking n talking to you everyday..'di di when u going to come out? come out la..we will be going back to Penang together for Chinese New Year'.Ohhhh! so sweet.....

Monday, November 28, 2011

My Princesses Ballet Class..Parents Day

Princess Brenda second from left

Princess Brenda second from right..the tallest girl

Princess Amanda in the centre..the tallest girl among the ballerina

This is the only day of the year that parents can sit in the class and see their little girls dance and performance.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The 42nd World School Children's Art Exhibition of Republic of China Selected Medal Prize...

Proud PAPA with his two little sweeties....

Another Back dated post for princess Amanda achievement in year 2011...she won the WORLD SCHOOL CHILDREN'S ART COMPETITION HELD BY REBUPLIC OF CHINA.Understand that is around more than 30 thousand children from all over the world participate and 7 of them from Sabah won it......

My Princesses Amanda n Brenda academic achievement in year 2011

This is back dated post too....because i am really tired recently with almost 35 wks pregnant.

My 7 year old princess Amanda step in my car when I fetch her today gladly announced that her position is 1st in class and whole standard 1. She really happy and quickly called her grandma, 'poh poh', 'po po' all in West Malaysia to announce. My 8 year old did quite well too with 16th in class and whole standard 2 ...and able maintain stay in elite class next year. My two little sweetie...Mama n Papa feel so proud of you and 'jia yu'.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My 34 weeks check-up

I went early one day for the check up.

My weight : 64.6kg

Baby weight : 2.4kg

Count down everyday for the due date....wondering when my little baby will come out to say hello to to him everyday.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Baby playpen ready.......

My two girls playpen already given away so i need to buy almost all the baby stuff all over again. Luckily, i got a new friend in Sabah, Daisy who is so kind that give me lots of her baby preloved items...playpen, dressess...etc. so touching...thank you Daisy.

Grandma in KK, Sabah

(Jalan-jalan cari makan with Grandma)

(Grandma n Mama-me) ....first time in my life take photo with my own mother..bit'kan cheong'

(Grandma with her granddaughters)

(Gift from Grandma to Baby)

(Gift from Grandma to my two princesses)

This is a backdated post ....Grandma was in KK for 12 days (17-10-2011 til 29-10-2011)

My girls was soooo excited because this is the FIRST Time they met their grandma and for myself this will be third time meeting my mother in my life. My two girls really had a wonderful time with grandma for 12 days and first time they can feel the love of grandma is so wonderful...thanks mum for giving them such a sweet memory.

Thanks mum for the food that you carry from Penang specially for me n baby...the 'char kuey teow', 'o chen', 'otak-otak', 'Wan Tan Mee', my favourate'fish ball', 'hokkien char' and etc ...I finished 2 plates of char kuey teow in that afternoon..really yummy and delicious.

Sorry for unable to bring you around much because of my tiredness.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

My 32 wks check gynae

Finally, after discuss with hubby we decided to change gynae.Hubby also decided to let me deliver in that hospital after we had a wad tour this afternoon.

I told the new doctor about my tiredness and some problems that I am facing. I was advise to take more rest and do less heavy work due to my placenta position quite low. The tiredness that i am facing may due to my iron level low and i must take more iron tables and change multivitamin for me that more easy to digest.

My weight : 63.4kg

BB weight : 2.0kg

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My 30 wks check up...

A very fast RM80-00 check -up without any vitamin...NO PHOTO again Grrrrr...paid for RM100 for the CD already second time just give me reason "too crowded inside can't see clear".

My weight : 61.8kg

BB weight : 1.44kg

I am so worried tht BB only gain 150g for two weeks and doctor said is ok..????

I did not even have change to see my BB photo and situation...the doctor only scan for few seconds with no words then's really make me feel like changing doctor already....

I am the one keep asking...after scan he will only said " see u next 2 weeks time". If i did not ask the BB ok kah? what the weight? i will be go in like this and come out like that paying RM80-00....

Friday, September 30, 2011

My 28 wks check up...

My appointment is 8am today but I left the clinic at 10am...because today really good day that lots of 'delivery' doctor very busy til did not take baby photo for me , after only save a photo shown baby back bones..sob sob.

Doctor told me that everything fine and i have to come for check up every 2 weeks started next month..yahoooo i can see baby more frequent but poor hubby need to pay the BILL loh...

Mama weight : 61kg
Baby weight : 1.3kg

Monday, September 12, 2011

Our 24wks BB photo

My weight : 57.9kg
Baby weight : 744g

Doctor said my blood pressure are growing well. I need lots of rest.

This is a back dated post on 03-09-2011. My 24wks check up after came back from our Sandakan Tour because I was almost 'pengsan' during the tour due to over exhausted and body are weak too.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My tummy during 23 weeks and 2 days.....

My tummy will be 1cm extra large during nite time compare to day time. This picture taken around 9pm yesterday.....

Baby first set of dress from PAPA.......

Yesterday, we went to shop for some baby stuffs. Hubby personally chose a set of dress for our baby...simple, cute and comfortable. Hubby said because during Chinese New Year the weather will be hot so he chose this...ohhhhh ! Papa so sweet.

I told baby in tummy that PaPa bought this him for Chinese new year...he is moving sound like can understand and feel happy.....haha

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Princesses Singing Contest in school

Princess Amanda in action.....

Princess Brenda in action....

This back , back dated post ....I need to put in my blog because I feel so proud of them. This is their first experience so sweet ....I don't even have this change in primary school. they are really brave....

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our 20wks old BB photo

BB right hand just beside the face..

Little tiny nose, eyes n mouth can be seen very clear...

This is also post dated blog....this is my bb faces photo taken during 20 wks check up.

BB is 22 wks + now. Looking forward for next check up to see my BB.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ballet Exam result

My princess Brenda passed her primary ballet exam with flying colour ....a gold medal too, she soooo happy.

Princess Amanda did not sit for the exam..she was so sad because teacher said she still not yet ready..sob sob..hope tht she may sit for grade 1 next year.

Princess Amanda 7 years old birthday...

Her cake and presents....

Her favourite sushi.... cute little girl soooooo happy

Back dated post.....07-08-2011
A simple birthday celebration for my little princess 7th birthday ..upon her request we had dinner in Sushi King, City Mall ...her favourite sushi and had a simple cake cutting just four of us.

May happy n healthy always with my little princess u forever...Mama, Papa, Jie Jie n little baby tht still mama belly.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Home Cook...

(My kids cook this with assist...their favourate food)

(Hubby cook this for us)

(Hubby n my favourate ......)I prepared...hubby say yummy...I don't know how to name it in either English or Mandarin. A must in CNY for our family called 'man kuang cha'.super delicious !!!!!

This is also back , back dated post because I am down with diarrhea, flu, cough and sore throat recently and still on anti biotic.(very worry specially pregnant).

Forgot the date when we cooked this ...actually different date.hahaha

Monday, July 11, 2011

13 wks 5 days......

This is also back dated post....when my little one was 13 wks 5 days. Doctor did 3D scan for the baby, the little hand is near to the mouth.

Pork Belly Soup

Last Saturday, my manage to cook another my family super favourite soup...first time and i success!!!! yahooooo!!!! is...delicious and my kids say YUMMY.

Simple n delicious....and remember ask the butcher to clean the pork belly for you and u will save lotsss of headache.

My two ballerinas in Grade 1

This is back dated post...finally my two ballerinas change their 'uniform' from pink to blue mean they are going for Grade 1 now....yipee ! two 'leng lui' so happy...hahaha