Sunday, November 6, 2011

Grandma in KK, Sabah

(Jalan-jalan cari makan with Grandma)

(Grandma n Mama-me) ....first time in my life take photo with my own mother..bit'kan cheong'

(Grandma with her granddaughters)

(Gift from Grandma to Baby)

(Gift from Grandma to my two princesses)

This is a backdated post ....Grandma was in KK for 12 days (17-10-2011 til 29-10-2011)

My girls was soooo excited because this is the FIRST Time they met their grandma and for myself this will be third time meeting my mother in my life. My two girls really had a wonderful time with grandma for 12 days and first time they can feel the love of grandma is so wonderful...thanks mum for giving them such a sweet memory.

Thanks mum for the food that you carry from Penang specially for me n baby...the 'char kuey teow', 'o chen', 'otak-otak', 'Wan Tan Mee', my favourate'fish ball', 'hokkien char' and etc ...I finished 2 plates of char kuey teow in that afternoon..really yummy and delicious.

Sorry for unable to bring you around much because of my tiredness.

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  1. 哇色~从槟城带美食给你哦~真幸福^^