Sunday, November 29, 2009

Klang Bak Kut Teh vs Penang Bak Kut Teh

Finally, Hubby took us for Klang 'Bak Kut Teh'for our dinner. There are soup or dried 'Bak Kut Teh'that you can chose but we prefer the one with soup. When served it looks like the same. The soup really taste different. Anyway...conclusion Klang Bak kut teh really yummy. My two princesses finish all the soup and say It's yummy and delicious. Brenda who will vomit at nite whenever she took 'Bak Kut teh' but she really love and we let her take the soup with pray. Thanks God she sleep through the nite, we are thinking the ingredients for Penang 'Bak Kut Teh' and Klang "Bak Kut Teh' might be different so her stomach can tolerate or our little girl already grow up ??? Anyway, the most important they really the food and thumb up said YUMMY!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Working On "Public Holiday" ???!!!!

Poor hubby have to wake up early this morning to work while all family members and neighbours are sleeping soundly. I wake up around 8.30am this morning and I saw all the neighbours cars are inside the car porch.

Today should be 'Hari Raya Haji Holiday'
11.00am - Can heard most of the neighbours are in the house. Some are preparing for outing due to tomorrow is Saturday. Some are going out with family for breakfast. When you can heard the sound of car engine, door locking, gate closing, neighbours kids are shouting happily 'kai kai'(outing) Luckily my two princesses still sleeping and plan them to wake up late also never mind, don't want to either seee or heard all this to upset them. Erggggh...and poor hubby is working and two kids and me are at home and tomorrow hubby are compulsory to work due to month end. We will get use to but...this is first time and myself and kids still new to this place with no friends ...very kesian lo

Ha ha..U know hubby even told me that their factory are open on 'Christmas Day'while we are preparing our christmas tree in the living room (Can u imagine our feeling at that moment) oh ! really fantastic 'hard working company'. What to do ? Cari makan susah lo ....thinking of the same scenario(like today) will be happen on Christmas day morning really Errghhh again.
p/s I understand from hubby that the owner(big boss la) is christian woh!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

School Holiday Activities at Home

Poor Kids have to spend their most of their time at home due to Mama (me) not use to the new places yet and Papa due to new job cannot take leave. So sweet their enjoy themselves with plenty own activities. Jie Jie of course with drawing..Papa and Mama potraits. Mei mei pretend to be hawker selling noodles and her favourite drinks..'Gu leng peng'. Later, she did joint Jie Jie to be come artist to.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Farewell Party for Brenda

Oppss...this is back dated post that for Brenda before we move. Her class teacher, Teacher Ong and her class mate organise a small farewell party for her. Thank you everybody.

Graduation and Concert 2009

Brenda Graduation Photo

Awards...from left Brenda's Outstanding Award 2009 in 6 years old, 3rd Best Performance Award 2009 in 6 Yeards old, Amanda's Best Performance Award 2009 in 5 yeards old and Capability Award 2009 in 5 years old. Papa and Mama feel sooo proud he..he

Family photo

Mama with princesses

Our two little sweet princesses

Our princesses Graduation and concert fall on 21-11-2009 held in Park Avenue Hotel in SP, Kedah. Due to hubby dare not go near to the stage to take photo so some dance performance's photo taken not clear and blur. Luckily we still can get the CD and photo from school.All teachers are wearing nyonya's kebaya so the Little Nyonya is me.(My Paternal Grandma(po po) is nyonya too...look alike nyonya or not?)

Back To SP for Princesses Graduation Concert 2009

Hubby drive us back to SP on Saturday Morning in order to attend the Graduation Concert on Saturday Nite at Pary Avenue Hotel. The first thing we reach there we go to our favour 'choo chap soup' near SP toll selatan. Yummy.....delicious !

More photo for the Graduation Concert soon......

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My back to school present...from Han 'peh le'

kids busy with stock checking....

Bata B.first shoes and Stabilo Jumbo colour Pencils

Ah Han'peh le'(uncle in Hainanese- my cousin brother) came to our new house this afternoon. Bring the kids for makan and shopping. Their uncle bought some back to school items for them, including Brenda first primary shoes. Thanks 'Peh le' a muarrr(kiss) from Brenda and Amanda. See they are so excited with the present keep them busy for this afternoon..he he

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My 'Lam Mee'....

With the help of my 'pe nin'(hainanese means aunty)through phone, I manage to cook my first 'Lam Mee'. Dah dah....not bad for first timer but still need to improve. My kids and hubby say ' Yummy'. That's make my effort worth it...he he

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kampung girls in Town ......

I have been silence for a week without internet. We are moving.....
Start all over with busy life to settle down. Offload all our thngs for 5 tan lorry ..blah blah blah
(1) Find primary school for Brenda will be most tough job.
(2) Find kindy for Amanda.
(3) Find place to settle our daily meal.
lots more...

Ha ha..hubby first day of work today. Everybody told me that be careful this is big city, don't trust anybody even neighbours, hold your kids hands when in shopping, bla bla bla.....I still in dilema and dare not go anywhere without hubby.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Brenda ready to Primary School....

We will move to KL next week so I told hubby that I wish to purchase Brenda primary school uniform at the same store that I purchase thirty years ago'Kimnovak'. Normally,it will be crowded during December. The Penang parents favourite uniform store due to the quality even the price bit higher, worth it. oh my little princess wearing the uniforms just make me think back 'PoPo' bring me to that store by bus quite far from our house. My little princess really growth up.

Penang Best Nasi Kandar

This is the best Nasi Kandar that Nasi Kandar lover should try located in Penang island, Kampung Melayu.I have been taken this Nasi Kandar since very young and been my breakfast during my secondary (nice, big pack and cheap- Nasi dua kupang(twenty cents rice ) and telur sebelah(twenty cents). You may try it during morning nearby Kampung Melayu Flats and Evening will be in Farlim Flats. Very special taste that different from others. None oily at all. I have try so many famous Nasi Kandar but this is the best. Yummy.....It have more that thirty years history lo..