Monday, February 21, 2011

Lazy mother Bento lunch...

This is also back dated post...I really feel lazy but wanted to make something to create my two princesses appetite so I did this....and the most satisfied are they eat happily.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Princesses New Year gift...

Hubby bring our two sweeties to choose their new year gift (bed sheet)as per their request. As usual Princess Amanda ask for bed sheet with cow picture and Princess Brenda looking for Bear Bear or Sheep Sheep. My two funy girls. Finally their dream come true after go round 2 shopping mall....

New Year cum Valentine's susprise...

This is actually back dated post..but I want to keep this sweet memory in my blog. I believe this memory will be very , very sweet when i read that it in my old age...ha ha ha...

Few days before CNY evening, I received a call from hubby that he will back late tonight due to workload.He back around 7.30pm that night with a very touching surprise for me...a gift for me due to my hard work for the kids....I drive very frequent sending kids to school, extra class, ballet class, market so I get sun burn and caused my skin colour uneven. Hubby said...pity me woh and this is what he can do...very touching loh...dream also smiling that night..he he he

Another gift is for our valentine..... 2 new mobile phone(One for me and One for Hubby). Thanks Hubby you forever.

Penang 'Wan Tan Mee'

Finally, I successfully cook the Penang taste "Wan Tan Mee' for my two princesses. Although I only put pork minced. The gravy really Penang taste....yummy.

Thanks again 'Peh Leh n Peh nin' for the special 'Wan Tan Mee'.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Traditional Nose Treatment

Hubby went through tradisional nose treatment in Bukit Mertajam, Penang during Chinese New Year trip in Penang.

Get Well Soon.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Penang 'Wan Tan Mee' - from my dearest 'Ah Yong Peh Leh n 'Peh nin' both of them drive to town to buy this for my kids so that we can bring back to Sabah. Thanks and I really very touching. Each time i open the packing to cook ...very touching. 感觉到很甜与温馨的感觉.

Thanks again dear 'Peh Leh' for the ...'Kek Hwa'and the tradional 'windy oil'...i really very touching and i really in tears when i see all this in Sabah. The feeling been cares are really, really sweet. 很甜与温馨的感觉.

Friday, February 11, 2011

除夕夜的团圆饭 (Reunion Dinner)

Our nephew -Yang Yang

Our niece- Mei Jiun

Our steam boat 团圆饭(reunion dinner) at Penang with FIL, MIL, 1st BIL and SIL with my nephew (Yang Yang) and niece (Mei Jiun). As usual 2nd BIL and family already back to his wife side family.

Queensbay Mall Penang

Our day in Queensbay Mall....We are having a small gathering with old friends(oppsss forgot to take photo due to hubby busy with his video camera). My kids of course enjoy their trip with play, play and play......