Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy 2012 to everyone there !

As usual I love Christmas and my kids too....this year due to we stay in apartment so our Christmas tree size have to reduce...but we enjoy doing the preparation.

I cannot go out this year due to confinement and Ryan also too small to be in Public, Hubby bring my two princesses to 1-Borneo to feel the Christmas there, I feel like carry Ryan and joint them but Hubby don't allow....sob sob

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I deliver Ryan is here to say HI !

Our baby Ryan was here on 13-12-2011 morning with weight 3.5kg and 50.5cm length. Herewith some photos for sharing and I will post more birth stories and confinement later . Busy life because my confinement lady only for daycare (7am to 5pm)and 2kids and 1baby to take care and with poor digi line here somemore make everything slow.

Hi! everybody I am little Ryan...see who am I look alike?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

My 38 wks check up.......with final decisionBTL(结扎)

Yesterday was my 38 wks check up.....

BB weight : 3.1kg

My weight :67.1kg

Hubby ,me and doctor have a short discussion and with finalise I will on cesarean and BTL on Tuesday unless baby wish to come out today or tomorrow.

Actually, hubby and myself already discuss this issue when I pregnant this third baby due to age, financial and lot of factors....we decide for BTL and why cesarean and not normal delivery.....because BTL need operation so in state of 2 times pain ,we plan it into 2 in 1....I really scare of pain..forbia.

13-12-2011 will be my cesarean date...really looking forward to see, hold my little one. Wish me good luck ya.

Friday, December 2, 2011

My 37 wks check up.......

My 36 weeks check up been delay due to my gynae was outstation last Saturday. During the check up as usual keep asking doctor baby condition...this time I did ask doctor any symptoms that my baby will be early ..i told doctor i hope that can be a bit also susprised and ask me why ??? I told him that i still have 2 little princesses to take care and alone in Sabah ...nobody can help me to fetch them after school..hubby able to send them but fetching will be a problem for me and need to carry baby with me too....

My weight :66.4kg

BB weight : 2.7kg

My dear baby ...just wondering which date that you already choosen? what symptons u going to give mama....? Everybody looking forward to see u...carry u with a big kissss n hug..Papa keep calling mama everyday in the office ..any symptons? yr two 'jie jie' keep asking n talking to you everyday..'di di when u going to come out? come out la..we will be going back to Penang together for Chinese New Year'.Ohhhh! so sweet.....