Monday, September 28, 2009

No more daycare..hurray !

Finally, officially I quit from working in daycare after school. I only work till 1.30pm. My kids shout HURRAY !. They can have their nap early and in 'home sweet home'with sweet dream.No more lots of studies after school and really can rest and enjoy themselves.They should enjoy their childhood. Although will be less income when see the kids happy face that's really worth it.Of course hubby thanks for your support...thanks PaPa from Princesses Brenda and Amanda.

Friday, September 25, 2009

New Shoes for Princesses Graduation Photo

Finally the shoes is here, Princess Brenda going to have Graduation Photo session coming Monday and Princess Amanda going to have class photo. This shoes are hand painted upon request from ee-art.blogspot. She is also my kids art teacher.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Finally, we will be move from this weekend holiday fall on Friday and Saturday state. Guess which state we are going ????

Lots of things to do......I already start packing..look for house and primary school for Princess Brenda who is going to Primary 1 next year.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Stories - Childhood

Yesterday, I just have a chat with my kids drawing teacher about children, childhood. I told her lots of my childhood and she advise me to put it on blog as a sharing. Ya ! I am going to start with this wonderful lady in my life without her where am I ????? oppss my camera out of the photo later.

Just a warm up for my stories first.............
My parents divorsed when I am about 3 years old and my only sister about 5 years old. be continue

This photo of my dearest 'po po'(grandmother) who take care of me since I am born. She passed away when I am 12 years old. She is mother of my father. Beside her is my dearest 'Ah Kong' (grandfather) who already 100 years old. Without them I would not feel there is love in this world. I miss you 'po po' and love you forever. I am now a mother of two wonderful angels.

The main purpose I wish to put up this stories was to tell all married couples , to be married couples and everybody....divorsed between two person will be as easy as sign a documents but the hurt by "distroy" the children only Home are forever and life. I go through that and it is painful, really pain.

When my grandmother passed away. I am totally lost....Daddy already had his own family with stepmother , step brother and sister. Mummy also had her own family and kid. They all are stranger for me. I only met daddy once a year during Chinese New Year and see Mummy twice in my past 12 years. Which relatives wish to take this 'burden'(me).....Oh ya actually my mum and dad do not love me since I am young because understand from other I am not lucky star who bring good luck for them. They believe the born of me cause their divorse.

I still remember once I went to mom and dad house to have few days stay before they divorse , I and my sister are watching TV and suddenly the TV face technical problem. My mother punish me to stand outside the house (flat) with the door close and not dinner for me. I do nothing. I have my dinner in my neighbour house that day. There is lady 'kesian' me. She know lots story about me.

Still lots but until here for today. I am tired...he he(need a nap)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Balik Kampung (Back to Home Town-Penang Island)

It has been sometime we did not 'balik kampung' due to the state we are staying weekend holidays fall on Friday and Saturday. School open on Sunday and Hubby factory holidays will be on Saturday and Sunday. The most enjoyable things after visit IL and relatives will be FOOD in Penang. We love Hawker food. We are in 'Pulau Tikus Pasar Hawker centre' for dinner. Wow....yummy. The satay really great. 'Wah Tan Mee' are home made.The 'Lok Lok' have more than thirty choices to choose. The stall also full house.

Friday, September 18, 2009

My Kids Reading Books

My kids are using Peter and Jane for their English reading- with Excellent result
Odonata for Chinese reading- with Excellent result
Bacalah anakku for BM reading -with Excellent result
Strongly recommended for those parents who wish to let their kids start with reading. Of course will be great to start with flash cards in early age. I started my kids at 13-14 months old. If you do have any interesting reading books for kids, kindly let me know. Thank you.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Family n Kids Health

The awakeness of H1N1 still very low. Not much people wearing face mask in public area. H1N1 wind still going on strongly. The death figure still increasing daily. No vaccines available. I always make sure kids wash their hand and less 'Kai Kai'(shopping)-poor kids and building their immunity by vitamins and supplements. Liquid Chlorophy also help to prevent body heaty that cause fever. Vitamin C help to prevent flu and kids will recover fast from flu too. Above just a sharing from my personel experience.

Raya Holiday

Ya holiday. My two little Princess put their school bag aside and told me that they going to have 6 days rest. Of course Mama will let u all enjoy the holidays. Poor kids because I have to work in Kindy so they have to wake up early in the morning(7am) and come home late(4pm). They always tell me :'MaMa we don't like to stay in Daycare after school, can we go home after school." I promise them that next year we will go home after school no more daycare, Jie Jie is going to Primary 1 and we will go and fetch Jie Jie after school. They shout HOORRAY !

Brenda Loves Art n Craft

PaPa was in KL last weekend(weekend here will be Friday n Saturday) so we all stay at home. Bit boring and Brenda always spend her free time with Art n Craft. Wow..she makes family members using play dough. Soooo cute.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Face Mask

My two little princess have to wear face mask in the school due A(H1N1). All teachers also compulsory to wear(including me..hi hi. Children face mask very difficult to get in the small town here so they have to wear adult face mask. Poor kids...keep complait that it is hot and i cannot breath. No choice darling is for your safety.