Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Toys Story coin box from CIMB

Finally, after 4 weeks my kids looking forward for their toy story coin box is here. a new rules from CIMB that after maintain the account for a month only you entitle for the coin box.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sabah Tour

During weekend hubby normally will take us move around in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. We will go to some small places, beach,temples...... to look around.

Last weekend we went to a small town call Dongonggang and a temple.

Above are some photos...quality not so good ..sorry ya. I like the 'big kadazan hat'so unic.

Status of 'Kuan Yin' carrying baby in front of the temple.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kids shout Yahoooooo !!!!!!

Princess Amanda birthday presents

Princess Brenda Exam rewards

My princess Brenda school held 4 monthly exam, 1 mid year exam and 1 year end exam.As normal to encourage or rewars her for good results.......(with some presents)...TOYS or STATIONERY.So last weekend we went to 1-borneo shopping mall in Sabah to look for Birthday present for princess Amanda and rewards present for princess Brenda.Toy R Us are their favourite toys shop.They went home happily with the stuffs.

Monday, July 19, 2010


When I go through my principal facebook and saw this picture, I really miss her and all my teachers. The working life in Tadika Strawberry really bring me lots of sweet memory and true friendship. A very, very kind boss that really really cannot find already. She help every staff in anyway when we really need it. Teacher Ong who always help to motivate me when I am down. She teach me a lot of thing and I always see her when I need somebody to talk to. Teacher Tan...a very straight forward person and hot temper but very kind and helpful. Teacher Mak a young and very responsible teacher...she is a type of one means one. (straight forward like Teacher Tan), Teacher Choo very creative teacher and love to joke with her after school to realise the stress.....Hey teachers...I really miss you all.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Last week my princess was absent for school two days and when she return to school was her monthly exam and the class room seats already rearranged so she not sure where should be her seat, all the classmate was very helpful try to show her but they also only 7 years old and also not sure (one said here and another said there).During the discussion suddenly come a 'girl' who act like she is the boss in the class. Below are the conversation..

The bossy GIRL : (Using step mother tone)..where is your place? with the step mother fierce face some more.

My poor girl : Very scare and use her hand point ...i think here.

The Bossy : SIT!!! (the tone like instruct dog)

My poor girl : quickly sit down.
(CASE 1)
I am standing outside the classroom see and heard everything. Ohhhh heart
so pain (only mother with kids will feel the pain when see your kids been 'buli')

Some introduction of the girl so that the story and picture will be more clear.

The bossy girl is the very intelligent, smart girl in teacher eyes, Good academic, represent class for story telling or singing contest always champion but attitude ....!!! some more teacher let her lead the class for reading session before class start. Everybody MUST follow. This make her become worst ...bossy and dictator attitude become worst. The way she talk and act...please imagine. My girl did told me that teacher always remind the girl on her attitude. Luckily she was not selected as monitor or else WORST....

Before this, my princess did feedback to me that the bossy girl always take and use her stationery pencils, eraser, sharpener, colour pencils. I thought the bossy girl don't have or forgot to bring, but my daughter said bossy girl had and she don't take from classmate beside her but 'disturb' my princess who sit behind her. WHY ????? I just told my girl if the bossy girl 'disturb' again just tell her to use her own stationery.
(CASE 2)

The case that make me HOT was this Friday, my poor girl told me once she step in the car after school....

My princess : Mama, the xxx xxx (the bossy girl) told me that next time if she knock knock my table twice means she want eraser from me and if she pull my pencil case means she wanted to talk with me and ......the bossy girl give my all this instruction and ask my girl to act whenever she give signal. That's TOO girl not your 'AH YI'.
(CASE 3)

越想越心痛....I really hope to find a way to stop my girl been "BULI" in a peaceful way. I wanted my to learn to protect herself. HOW ????

孩子们受苦的时候,我们做父母的看到那种情形,都希望可以帮孩子 but I will let her learn from that because she might meet more this kind of people in future.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

No Title....just to realise my emotion after been "BULI"

Worst direct seller in the world that i even meet.(Huh...i really really hot already!) I had meet lots of direct seller who approach me ...they are very professional and understanding even though end up I did not either buy or joint the membership.

I meet this husband and wife 'somewhere' and with the name card given I knew that they did direct sales and at the same time I do looking for that brand product too. I did not decide immediately so as usual they will follow up. End up i did not buy because i bought other brand that I more confident and economic.

Lately, they sale another product that about academic, i heard before and as courtesy and to pleased them i spend about half an hour in their house.I told her will discuss with hubby because the cost not cheap range RM600 to RM1788. After discuss with hubby, we feel that that is not urgent and important things and we need to study what are the content of the system more detail.

On Monday morning, i meet the wife, as usual she follow up on me......(below are our conversation)

She : Hello, how yrs husband decision ?

Me : (Try not to turn her down), My husband heard it before from friends and we need time to consider. I really hope to find few friends to reduce the cost because we still bit doubt on the content of the system. We hope that can find few friends share the cost and try first.(She told me that RM1788 are 5 sets and if 5 person share will be cheaper and 1 set cost RM600).

She : (Suddenly her face change).....Nor matter you who you wanted to buy want cheap, want quality and doubt on the quality. Buy package la...RM1788 , want to wait for 5 person very difficult wan.(the tone are not friendly anymore)

Deep in my heart (Thanks God...let me see her 'true face' before i buy anything from her.). I really wish to let her know.... Hello Friend, RM1788 not RM17.80 loh and with this attitude, RM17.80 'put' i will not deal.忍!!!!!

Huh....Ahhhh....feel better now.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Last week,my poor princesses was down with flu and cough badly. The clinic medicine cannot work so have to go for private child specialist doctor. Due to this is first time in Sabah so need to get advise from parents. I go for a wrong doctor due to that area have plenty of child specialist and I really careless enter without see the doctor name due to rushing and it is night clinic (really 'blur blur')Papa said never mind as well is child specialist should be ok la....after my princesses taken the medicine 3 days still no improvement and she has to sit for her school exam next week. We go for another famous recommended child specialist again on Wednesday and for the first time, doctor advise my princesses to rest at home and give her 2 days MC. Princess Brenda ask me what is MC ? after my explanation she give me a smile happily....ha ha no need to go to school. Finally, they really recovered. Because of my 'blur blur' poor kids have to suffer and Papa has to pay double costly medical bills. SOrrrryyyy ya ....