Sunday, July 11, 2010

No Title....just to realise my emotion after been "BULI"

Worst direct seller in the world that i even meet.(Huh...i really really hot already!) I had meet lots of direct seller who approach me ...they are very professional and understanding even though end up I did not either buy or joint the membership.

I meet this husband and wife 'somewhere' and with the name card given I knew that they did direct sales and at the same time I do looking for that brand product too. I did not decide immediately so as usual they will follow up. End up i did not buy because i bought other brand that I more confident and economic.

Lately, they sale another product that about academic, i heard before and as courtesy and to pleased them i spend about half an hour in their house.I told her will discuss with hubby because the cost not cheap range RM600 to RM1788. After discuss with hubby, we feel that that is not urgent and important things and we need to study what are the content of the system more detail.

On Monday morning, i meet the wife, as usual she follow up on me......(below are our conversation)

She : Hello, how yrs husband decision ?

Me : (Try not to turn her down), My husband heard it before from friends and we need time to consider. I really hope to find few friends to reduce the cost because we still bit doubt on the content of the system. We hope that can find few friends share the cost and try first.(She told me that RM1788 are 5 sets and if 5 person share will be cheaper and 1 set cost RM600).

She : (Suddenly her face change).....Nor matter you who you wanted to buy want cheap, want quality and doubt on the quality. Buy package la...RM1788 , want to wait for 5 person very difficult wan.(the tone are not friendly anymore)

Deep in my heart (Thanks God...let me see her 'true face' before i buy anything from her.). I really wish to let her know.... Hello Friend, RM1788 not RM17.80 loh and with this attitude, RM17.80 'put' i will not deal.忍!!!!!

Huh....Ahhhh....feel better now.


  1. Haha... Hope u are feeling better after ranting it out!

    But ya.. $1788 is not $17.88.. And $17.88 is still hard earned $$..

  2. There are all kinds of ppl in this world. Just dont bother with her, save your energy to do something better! *wink

  3. Thanks Ladies, Thanks for always give up support when i was down. sob sob....