Monday, June 28, 2010

Stuffs from PENANG - Thank you Tony 'Peh Leh'

My cousin from Penang going to come to Sabah for vacation. I take this opportunity to 'order' some stuff for kids which i can't get from Sabah. Pasar Malam 'croc'shoes for kids and 'Ban Leng' medicated windy oil. Thank you uncle Tony.......

In Sabah I still unable to find Pasar Malam like West Malaysia which you can give mostly everything there.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My First Parent's Day -家长日

(Reward for Amanda from PaPa(hubby)

(Reward for Brenda from PaPa(hubby)
Saturday was my First formal parents day 家长日 even though my princesses already schooling for few years. Why ? due to for past few years during my girls school parents day also my duty day ( I work in kindy as teacher) so normally after duty only i able to meet the teacher (my colleague)so don't have the FORMAL feeling.

So I am so excited to attend this first formal parent's day for my two princesses. Brenda Primary school has a good arrangement to avoid crowd by divide parents into few session base on children name number , I was arranged on second session which fall on 9.00am to 10.00am.

Brenda do quite well which show improvement on total marks and average marks. Not much comment from teacher. Teacher just feedback that she seldom express herself when i ask my little princesses why on the spot ? she just answer me and teacher "I don't like to talk much." That's my cool.
About my princesses Amanda, as usual she loves to talk but teacher said it is ok due to that is her character and she will do that after she finished her work. Overall her result is good even thought she is new there.

Poor hubby missed this golden opportunity due to his new job and unable to apply leave. PaPa received their good results thru phone immediately after the session and PaPa promise my girl with REWARDS as encourgament. My princesses so happy and excited.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I roar like TIGER ......

Yesterday, I really get mad and 'roar like tiger' due to my kids bad habits always never keep and clean up their stuff after play or use.

I already allocated a place for them to put their stuffs but still messy...i really cannot 'tahan' and ROAR

Last nite, my little sweeties greet : 'Good nite mama' and i pretend angry and just don't want to answer. I ask Papa to be middle man to tell them than Mama very sad because they don't love mama anymore that me upset.

They quickly apologies and say 'sorry mama, I love u' ( I already melted but still keep pretend angry to give the some lesson) I ask hubby to get a maid to take care of them who will not ask them to do homework, bath or eat and some more will
help them to keep stuffs.Oh no ! after i finish my words two sweeties cry like babies keep saying....'i don't want maid , i want mama'

Ohhhhh! sorry sweeties that mama make u sad, i quickly hug and kiss them keep telling them mama loves them more than everything.

Sorry sweeties....mama will not make you two cry sadly like this again. LOVE U FOREVER....................a guitly mama after ROARING like TIGER.

My Princesses bedroom under construction -DIY

(this is area allocated for playing and to put their study tables)

(this is IKEA Trofast Frame to let them put their stuffs)

(their main door stickers)

Finally, i able to set up my princesses bedroom during this school holiday. Everything DIY and own decoration to minimise the cost and some more this house not ours.But still not complete, i still working on three middle size tables, two for them as study table another one to put their computer(hubby bought his company second hand Pentium 4 computer with LCD screen with only RM100) must wait for 3 months lo. The wide of the table cannot more than 20cm and height must be suit them....???? i am having problem to get suitable tables/ desk for them. Please help !

We will let them have afternoon nap there but nite time still sleep in our room. No hurry , want them ready mentally and move slowly to their new bedroom.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Princesses First Experience in CINEMA

On 5-6-2010(Agong Birthday) so hubby plan to bring the kids to cinema. They shouted hooray! This is their first experience in cinema and their first was MARMADUKE. The story of the movies about the whole family have to move due to the father get job opportunity are similar with what my princesses experience and through that movie they understand more on why we have to move and how to adapt to new environment. The most important they really enjoy that experience.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

我的两菜一汤 Home Cooked on Saturday (Lunch)

My cooking mood coming back. I went to market this morning and able to prepare lunch for hubby who work half day today. Everybody said yummy and hubby reward me for a rest to eat outside tonight. Thanks hubby.

Green carrot soup with cuttle fish and meat. (this is first time i saw this green carrot in Sabah, nice)

Steamed fish with tomato.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Klinik Kesihatan Luyang, Sabah with excellence service!

My two little princesses are not well (flu and sore throat).I bring them to the nearest 'Klinik Kesihatan Luyang'. Due to it is Government so as usual i don't have high expectation. Surprisingly, 'Klinik Kesihatan Luyang' really provide services that even better than private hospital.

On that day, when i step in the 'klinic kesihatan' due to first timer so i stop for a while to look at the direction board suddenly there is a friendly voice come beside me.

Staff : Ya, boleh saya tolong.(with smile and courtesy)

Me : Dimana saya boleh buat pendaftaran.(with shock and susprised)

Staff : Puan terus dan ke kaunter kanan saja.(with smile and hand direction)

Me : Terima Kasih.(feel susprised)

Staff : Sama-sama.

Wow...first good impression

In the counter.

Staff : Puan sakit apa ? (very polite and courtesy)

Me : Anak saya selsema.

Staff : Puan ambil nombor ini dan tunggu untuk pendaftaran.(with smile)

Me : Terima Kasih. (wow again in the heart)

In the registration counter .Again, second Wow with impress

Staff : Selamat pagi. boleh bagi sijil lahir anak kah? (very polite)

Me : Ya.

Staff : Sila tunggu di bilik 11 ya.

Me : Terima kasih.

In the doctor room, doctor very friendly too. Wow ! again

The last station, pharmacy staff again welcome us with SMILE. Wow !

SYABAS ! Klinik Kesihatan Luyang, Sabah.


This is a post dated blog that after the moody mood of me ,i thought that i unable to cook that night dinner but for the kids and hubby, i try i very best to prepare 两菜一汤 and 味道还不错呢!

My favorite braised turnip with pork slices but without dried cuttlefish and mushrooms.(sorry hubby next time i will put the mushrooms and cuttlefish ya)

Kids favorite 'bayam' and 'mee sua' soup.

I'm back and already start nagging but still easily tired.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Not in the mood....

It is school holiday...i got plenty of back dated news to blog but just not in the mood. I really need a rest and get tired easily. Lazy worm all over my body....In my mind i got lots of pending tasks. Lots of thing to think, to solve..........

Brenda even feedback to me that they miss bedtime story. Sorry sweetheart...mama will try ok.

Brenda wish to join the astro card making contest but hubby cannot on leave and don't know how to drive to the location even now having problem to submit the form because no idea where is the location stated ?Ah yoo....

My girl bedroom....

My kitchen.....

Brenda emotion also not well..she not really adapt to the new environment, school, friends, house, everything...she feel unsecure.
and lots more thing in my mind.....i just need a break.