Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Princesses bedroom under construction -DIY

(this is area allocated for playing and to put their study tables)

(this is IKEA Trofast Frame to let them put their stuffs)

(their main door stickers)

Finally, i able to set up my princesses bedroom during this school holiday. Everything DIY and own decoration to minimise the cost and some more this house not ours.But still not complete, i still working on three middle size tables, two for them as study table another one to put their computer(hubby bought his company second hand Pentium 4 computer with LCD screen with only RM100) must wait for 3 months lo. The wide of the table cannot more than 20cm and height must be suit them....???? i am having problem to get suitable tables/ desk for them. Please help !

We will let them have afternoon nap there but nite time still sleep in our room. No hurry , want them ready mentally and move slowly to their new bedroom.

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