Sunday, June 27, 2010

My First Parent's Day -家长日

(Reward for Amanda from PaPa(hubby)

(Reward for Brenda from PaPa(hubby)
Saturday was my First formal parents day 家长日 even though my princesses already schooling for few years. Why ? due to for past few years during my girls school parents day also my duty day ( I work in kindy as teacher) so normally after duty only i able to meet the teacher (my colleague)so don't have the FORMAL feeling.

So I am so excited to attend this first formal parent's day for my two princesses. Brenda Primary school has a good arrangement to avoid crowd by divide parents into few session base on children name number , I was arranged on second session which fall on 9.00am to 10.00am.

Brenda do quite well which show improvement on total marks and average marks. Not much comment from teacher. Teacher just feedback that she seldom express herself when i ask my little princesses why on the spot ? she just answer me and teacher "I don't like to talk much." That's my cool.
About my princesses Amanda, as usual she loves to talk but teacher said it is ok due to that is her character and she will do that after she finished her work. Overall her result is good even thought she is new there.

Poor hubby missed this golden opportunity due to his new job and unable to apply leave. PaPa received their good results thru phone immediately after the session and PaPa promise my girl with REWARDS as encourgament. My princesses so happy and excited.

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