Monday, June 28, 2010

Stuffs from PENANG - Thank you Tony 'Peh Leh'

My cousin from Penang going to come to Sabah for vacation. I take this opportunity to 'order' some stuff for kids which i can't get from Sabah. Pasar Malam 'croc'shoes for kids and 'Ban Leng' medicated windy oil. Thank you uncle Tony.......

In Sabah I still unable to find Pasar Malam like West Malaysia which you can give mostly everything there.


  1. You bought those croc from pasar malam Penang ah? I don't know you wish to buy those shoe, because they have a reject stock sale in Wisma Merdeka shopping complex KK in past few months.

    They have a Philippine Night Market next to KK central market, another is a Kg Air, but no nicer than in West Malysia.If u wish to go have to take care of your purse.

  2. I think I know the location of nite market u mentioned, U are right no choices,not nice and expensive. We dare not go to that area second time at night...very scary loh. (i bring my cousin that night).Thanks Cherry..pls let me know if there is croc sale again in Sabah.