Thursday, June 17, 2010

I roar like TIGER ......

Yesterday, I really get mad and 'roar like tiger' due to my kids bad habits always never keep and clean up their stuff after play or use.

I already allocated a place for them to put their stuffs but still messy...i really cannot 'tahan' and ROAR

Last nite, my little sweeties greet : 'Good nite mama' and i pretend angry and just don't want to answer. I ask Papa to be middle man to tell them than Mama very sad because they don't love mama anymore that me upset.

They quickly apologies and say 'sorry mama, I love u' ( I already melted but still keep pretend angry to give the some lesson) I ask hubby to get a maid to take care of them who will not ask them to do homework, bath or eat and some more will
help them to keep stuffs.Oh no ! after i finish my words two sweeties cry like babies keep saying....'i don't want maid , i want mama'

Ohhhhh! sorry sweeties that mama make u sad, i quickly hug and kiss them keep telling them mama loves them more than everything.

Sorry sweeties....mama will not make you two cry sadly like this again. LOVE U FOREVER....................a guitly mama after ROARING like TIGER.

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  1. Hahaha... kids are kids though. Like my dotter, I told her re the dots (pigmentation) on my face is due to her making me angry. Once (one) angry = 1 dot. And she always sayang me and said, OK mummy, I wont make you angry anymore. Here she promised, there she'd forgotten! kekee..