Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Princesses First Experience in CINEMA

On 5-6-2010(Agong Birthday) so hubby plan to bring the kids to cinema. They shouted hooray! This is their first experience in cinema and their first was MARMADUKE. The story of the movies about the whole family have to move due to the father get job opportunity are similar with what my princesses experience and through that movie they understand more on why we have to move and how to adapt to new environment. The most important they really enjoy that experience.


  1. Good! So you are originally from which state? I almost shifted to KL years ago too!

    Sometimes, life isnt a choice!

  2. Hi J Sky...we are from Penang then move to Kedah(5 yrs there) then KL(4 months there) then Sabah. You are isn't a choice (cari makan susah lo)

  3. OMG, you moved quite a bit though! haha..