Monday, May 31, 2010

Kadazan Harvest Festival

(look at this crowd, actually they are jumping on the the bamboo like 'spring' in the centre of the long house for some purpose but i forgot to ask, very fun...)

This is first time we attend this festival. Wow ! really enjoy if not because of the horrible hot sun , we will stay longer. We also choose wrong timing ...

Anyway, it is fun and kids really open up their eyes with knowledge on what is long house (they went in the house), Knew more about Kadazan, Harvest Festival, lots more..

1-Borneo Shopping

(PaPa and daughters sailing woh)

This is our second trip to 1-Borneo Shopping Mall. Due to first time forgot to bring camera. This is a huge giant shopping mall that that I can get most the things like Daiso, Toy'R Us, Parkson, Hubby favourite shop G2000, Bla bla....

We like to go to the games section to play with the kids, they really enjoy there. We will drive and ride...ha ha ha

Lots of branded shop there that we never step in ...too expensive loh. We spend almost half a day there. Shop and rest, shop and rest.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sabah Seafood- yummy

Hubby saw a advertisement on cheapest seafood in town with RM13.80 crab per kg. The Sedco square a big foodcourt only sell seafood. You choose fresh seafood that they display. Unfortunately due to public holiday the economic crab out of stock and we have to take those RM40-00 per kg crab loh.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Water like GOLD

WAH!...this is my first reaction when hubby show me the water bill.My family headcount only 2 adults and 2 kids. Before show the amount of the water bill, let me analyse and compare from the other state that we stay before why WAH!..

(Penang) average less than RM8 per month with same headcount.

(Kedah) Average RM12 per month with car washing and kids play in small pool 1 or 2 times per week plus gardening.

(Selangor) FREE water loh!!!

(Sabah) With always no water supply, very low water preassure til cannot use shower and washing machine .....we have to pay RM36++

I must go and survey why Sabahan have to pay so high water bill compare with other state. Almost raining everyday here,?????? After blah, blah, blah....also have to go and line up in pay the bill. Ha ha ha...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

考试完了! Exam - The End...!

Finally my kids complete their exam and we can enjoy 5 days holiday start from friday (wesak day)then Kadazan Harvest holiday on Monday and Tuesday.This is the first time we enjoy this holiday and lots activities on celebrating Harvest Day. Hubby said will bring us for the Harvest Party on Sunday. Yahoo ! will update more on Harvest Day later ya...

Monday, May 24, 2010

in OR on ??????

May be I really out dated from Education. This week my princess brenda having exam so as usual we will do revision base on the exercise given by teacher.

As usual I will correct her mistakes and remind her if do.

Me : Rou, Why you write SIT IN the chair, must be ON ya.

Brenda : No, is IN. Teacher say if somebody sit very comfortable like sofa ...must be IN but ON only for chair without armrest.

Me : ??????, are you sure ????

The next day, I go and double confirm with her ENGLISH teacher, she said is true, everything that with armrest must be IN the chair.

(like picture below....)

I really blur already now??????

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Neighbour play a very important role in our daily life too. Think about when you happily move into your new house that you been spending your hard earn money to make your home sweet home dream come true. There might be many types of human in this world so if you neighbour REALLY TOO MUCH, HOW?. I see lots of blogger blog about how unreasonable their neighbour till report police, fight, quarrel and have to show sour faces to each other everyday once you open up your main door see each other. Why ? why ?
We been moving from Penang to Kedah, from Kedah to KL and now KL to Sabah. Really open up my eyes when come to human behaviour (neighbour). I did get good friendship from each state and bad neighbour too.

Now we are in Sabah with new neighbourhood...just sharing on so call unhygienic types neighbour. We been staying in this apartment for 2 months. Everyday when I open my main door, we will see this shoe rak in front of us with messy and dusty shoes throwing around.(since day 1 til now the position of the shoe still same)

Some more got cat in the house.Slap forehead


Sunday, May 16, 2010

School Exam again.....

(Brenda report book)

Princess Brenda just received her report card for the exam that she sit in the first week she reached Sabah. Well done !

Last week Brenda bring back exam time table again which called Mid year exam started on 24/5 to 26/5 and 9 papers. Phew ! Brenda has to sit for 6 exam per year. The system of her school will avarage up all the exam average mark for whole year to determine which class you will be when in standard 2. There are 2 smart class and the rest are called normal class. I just hope she do her best. All the best sweet princess Brenda.

Amanda bring back exam time table on Friday and will sit the exam on 17/5(Today)Wow !
Lots of book still with teacher, how to do revision ? she just in the school for 1.5 month and syallabus from January to March .OMG... I feel the Preassure...kiasu mother ma...he he...Good Luck and all the best to my sweet heart.

Last night, Brenda ask me question before go to bed.

Brenda : Mama, will u go to my school during rest time to see me tomorrow.(in a very soft and 'manja' tone)

Me : Why ?

Brenda : I love and wish you can go, i really happy to see u.

Melted. so after this blog I will rush to her school even though it is tired. With the title of "Full Time housewife' this is my priority la...ha ha

Friday, May 14, 2010

THIEF Mother- Part 2

The next day teacher did ask the 'Thief' daughter did she taken my princess pencil and of course she did not bring it. Due to got witness 'THIEF' daughter use the pencil.She have to admit BUT U know what answer she given to teacher. Somebody drop the pencil on the floor and she just pick up and keep for herself. Teacher ask her to return on Friday and today she told teacher she will bring on Monday.

I told the teacher just closed the case in a nice way. The pencil also i will give to the kid. Deep in my heart I knew that the THIEF sure will not admit since the daughter who are only 7 years old able to lie APATAH LAGI The THIEF MOTHER.They all are PROFESSIONAL. I choose to FORGIVE and teach my daughter to do so. GOD Know.....

Because in another view, if teacher keep ask the THIEF she sure will find some way to protect herself that make me feel scare when I am thinking at home......

(1) She might blame back my daughter lie, because the 7 years old kids witness not valid ...blah blah blah

(2) She might .....

Oh ! I really cannot imagine this PROFESSIONAL what is inside their mind. Amituofo !

Amituofo again , the teacher give me a words that she knew that the THIEF daughter are lie from the body language and witnesses words. This is not first time the thief daughter create issue. I really worried because she might blame back my poor princess who are victim as a LIAR like her due they are PROFESSIONAL.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother Become 'THIEF'

This afternoon after school my princesses Brenda told a news that make me SHOCK in front of her classroom.

Brenda: Mama just now Ax Lxxx mother took my pencil from my pencil case during rest time and give it to her.

Mama: What? are you sure ? Do you witness it.Why you never stop her.

Brenda: She took it when she thought I am not around and one of my friend told me while I am standing outside the class. I witness it and she do it very fast.
I did ask it back from Ax Lxxx but she refuse and said it given by her mother.

I did confirm with Brenda again and check her pencil case really missing one because I did checked and sharpen her pencil last night. She told me that Ax Lxxx mother taken the shortest pencil and it is true. I did inform teacher this matter. My pencil quite special with Princess picture and make from recycle material so not easy to buy in Sabah.(so far i try to find but still....)This is not the problem of pencil but attitude of parents.

This parent i did witness she dig other students bag for exam paper to see their marks.

I think her daughter might want the pencil and her mother really TOO MUCH that open my daughter pencil case and take it and give it to her daughter. What kind of parent ?????

I will pass to teacher to investigate, in the other hand i have to ask my daughter be careful and will label and marks all her stationery.

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Rewards Chart....WORKS..

Last year my sister send me this reward chart with nice shinny stars stickers and with guidelines in a set in order for me to practise STOP NAG, WHINE with MORE PRAISE.

Due to moving house, I on hold this activities. After been one month full time housewife I feel so guilty that I started with lots of nagging...."take your bath" "eat your lunch/dinner properly" "do your homework" "sleep now or else" "take your nap" "keep your toys or else"...blah blah blah whole day. After think and think way to improve, I think is time to take out my reward chart after see my princesses arithmetic centre do that and my two princesses so impress that every time after class will go to the reward counter to see when they can redeem their dream stationery.

Yesterday was the first day of reward chart after 'meeting' with my princesses on the whole process. They agreed happily. I have to photocopy the chart due to "sayang" to use the original and don't know where to purchase the reward chart in Malaysia.

I separate the chart into 2 categories...behaviour chart and exam chart. Every good behaviour like wake up in the morning without fussy , finish their lunch/dinner, finish their homework by themselves ...etc each will be rewarded a star and with a total of stars they can redeem a small gift through lucky draw (Idea for parenting time blog)I prepared stationery like eraser,ruler...
They will paste the star themselves after sucessfully complete their own task.

IT'S Work....they do it. I really put my hands together pray that it can continue...Amituofo.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Surprise

Everyday when I go to fetch my Princesses Brenda, if she got any good and happy things to share she will do it immediate at the moment step out from her class.Like she scored for spelling, ejaan, or others. This is the way ..

Brenda : Mama, i got susprised for you.

Mama : Good or bad susprised.

Brenda : You want which one ?

Mama : errr..both also mama wish to hear.

Brenda : Good close you eyes and count 1,2,3

Mama : Of course i will close my eyes and count.

Yesterday, after school immediately she run to in front of me and tell me 'Mama , I got something for you'. She quickly search and dig something from her school bag till sweating. I thought is her spelling or ejaan as usual and just told her let show mama in the car and it is hot and a lots of students here. She insist and ...DA Da.... sweet of her and she write everything by herself. I really melted and give her a kiss and said thank you.(the little card now is in our living room wall)

ROU, Thank you and mama LOVE U forever.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

water, Sabah

(We have to keep water like this daily..or else cannot bath la)
Already a month we facing water problem. It is a very common issue for Sabahan but I still need time to adapt. IMAGINE...whole house only one tap can be open at once. While I am using kitchen tap wash dishes my kids cannot brush their teeth in bath room. Washing machine must use in very manually way, water must be CARRY from bathroom to washing area. TO and FROM few round because the water preasure very low.

Oh ya..the water tank in the apartment was on ground so this problem worst for us stay 2nd floor and above. The ground floor and 1st floor still can do car washing while we 2nd floor tenant bath also problem..Grrrrrrr
We never face this in West Malaysia even in a very rural area.
Some more we are in Kota Kinabalu town loh...OMG..Luckily this is not our own house but we need to stay in this house ha ha....(only can nag and nag in heart )

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ballerina in Sabah

(Warm up session...)

(all the girls are first timer, only my princesses are wearing the ballet dress)

Finally,i able to find a ballet school for them to continue their ballet lesson. Yesterday was their first class in Alpha Ballet Academy in Sabah. Very difficult to find ballet school in Sabah. Understand from one of the parent this is the only one in Kota Kinabalu.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, Sabah

We spent our Labour day holiday in Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, Sabah. It is a very nice experience for the kids. The first time they saw peacock and wild chicken chasing each other and flying around. My two little princesses said: ' Mama, Oh ! peacock can fly like a bird and 'chicken' too. Wow!'. Ha ha ...actually mama also first time see this.

We have to give up elephant ride due to the hot weather and we need to wait for another hour but Papa promise the kids will them again for the ride.

Some picture for sharing...