Thursday, May 20, 2010


Neighbour play a very important role in our daily life too. Think about when you happily move into your new house that you been spending your hard earn money to make your home sweet home dream come true. There might be many types of human in this world so if you neighbour REALLY TOO MUCH, HOW?. I see lots of blogger blog about how unreasonable their neighbour till report police, fight, quarrel and have to show sour faces to each other everyday once you open up your main door see each other. Why ? why ?
We been moving from Penang to Kedah, from Kedah to KL and now KL to Sabah. Really open up my eyes when come to human behaviour (neighbour). I did get good friendship from each state and bad neighbour too.

Now we are in Sabah with new neighbourhood...just sharing on so call unhygienic types neighbour. We been staying in this apartment for 2 months. Everyday when I open my main door, we will see this shoe rak in front of us with messy and dusty shoes throwing around.(since day 1 til now the position of the shoe still same)

Some more got cat in the house.Slap forehead


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  1. Good neighbor is hard to find.. but I do encounter some at my current neighborhood. The worst is only the Benggali family. hehehe..