Wednesday, May 5, 2010

water, Sabah

(We have to keep water like this daily..or else cannot bath la)
Already a month we facing water problem. It is a very common issue for Sabahan but I still need time to adapt. IMAGINE...whole house only one tap can be open at once. While I am using kitchen tap wash dishes my kids cannot brush their teeth in bath room. Washing machine must use in very manually way, water must be CARRY from bathroom to washing area. TO and FROM few round because the water preasure very low.

Oh ya..the water tank in the apartment was on ground so this problem worst for us stay 2nd floor and above. The ground floor and 1st floor still can do car washing while we 2nd floor tenant bath also problem..Grrrrrrr
We never face this in West Malaysia even in a very rural area.
Some more we are in Kota Kinabalu town loh...OMG..Luckily this is not our own house but we need to stay in this house ha ha....(only can nag and nag in heart )

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