Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother Become 'THIEF'

This afternoon after school my princesses Brenda told a news that make me SHOCK in front of her classroom.

Brenda: Mama just now Ax Lxxx mother took my pencil from my pencil case during rest time and give it to her.

Mama: What? are you sure ? Do you witness it.Why you never stop her.

Brenda: She took it when she thought I am not around and one of my friend told me while I am standing outside the class. I witness it and she do it very fast.
I did ask it back from Ax Lxxx but she refuse and said it given by her mother.

I did confirm with Brenda again and check her pencil case really missing one because I did checked and sharpen her pencil last night. She told me that Ax Lxxx mother taken the shortest pencil and it is true. I did inform teacher this matter. My pencil quite special with Princess picture and make from recycle material so not easy to buy in Sabah.(so far i try to find but still....)This is not the problem of pencil but attitude of parents.

This parent i did witness she dig other students bag for exam paper to see their marks.

I think her daughter might want the pencil and her mother really TOO MUCH that open my daughter pencil case and take it and give it to her daughter. What kind of parent ?????

I will pass to teacher to investigate, in the other hand i have to ask my daughter be careful and will label and marks all her stationery.

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  1. Oh Gosh, this is terrible! Parents should show (lead) by example and now, "SHE" is teaching her dotter to steal from others! em... SICK!