Sunday, May 16, 2010

School Exam again.....

(Brenda report book)

Princess Brenda just received her report card for the exam that she sit in the first week she reached Sabah. Well done !

Last week Brenda bring back exam time table again which called Mid year exam started on 24/5 to 26/5 and 9 papers. Phew ! Brenda has to sit for 6 exam per year. The system of her school will avarage up all the exam average mark for whole year to determine which class you will be when in standard 2. There are 2 smart class and the rest are called normal class. I just hope she do her best. All the best sweet princess Brenda.

Amanda bring back exam time table on Friday and will sit the exam on 17/5(Today)Wow !
Lots of book still with teacher, how to do revision ? she just in the school for 1.5 month and syallabus from January to March .OMG... I feel the Preassure...kiasu mother ma...he he...Good Luck and all the best to my sweet heart.

Last night, Brenda ask me question before go to bed.

Brenda : Mama, will u go to my school during rest time to see me tomorrow.(in a very soft and 'manja' tone)

Me : Why ?

Brenda : I love and wish you can go, i really happy to see u.

Melted. so after this blog I will rush to her school even though it is tired. With the title of "Full Time housewife' this is my priority la...ha ha

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