Monday, May 10, 2010

My Rewards Chart....WORKS..

Last year my sister send me this reward chart with nice shinny stars stickers and with guidelines in a set in order for me to practise STOP NAG, WHINE with MORE PRAISE.

Due to moving house, I on hold this activities. After been one month full time housewife I feel so guilty that I started with lots of nagging...."take your bath" "eat your lunch/dinner properly" "do your homework" "sleep now or else" "take your nap" "keep your toys or else"...blah blah blah whole day. After think and think way to improve, I think is time to take out my reward chart after see my princesses arithmetic centre do that and my two princesses so impress that every time after class will go to the reward counter to see when they can redeem their dream stationery.

Yesterday was the first day of reward chart after 'meeting' with my princesses on the whole process. They agreed happily. I have to photocopy the chart due to "sayang" to use the original and don't know where to purchase the reward chart in Malaysia.

I separate the chart into 2 categories...behaviour chart and exam chart. Every good behaviour like wake up in the morning without fussy , finish their lunch/dinner, finish their homework by themselves ...etc each will be rewarded a star and with a total of stars they can redeem a small gift through lucky draw (Idea for parenting time blog)I prepared stationery like eraser,ruler...
They will paste the star themselves after sucessfully complete their own task.

IT'S Work....they do it. I really put my hands together pray that it can continue...Amituofo.

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