Friday, May 14, 2010

THIEF Mother- Part 2

The next day teacher did ask the 'Thief' daughter did she taken my princess pencil and of course she did not bring it. Due to got witness 'THIEF' daughter use the pencil.She have to admit BUT U know what answer she given to teacher. Somebody drop the pencil on the floor and she just pick up and keep for herself. Teacher ask her to return on Friday and today she told teacher she will bring on Monday.

I told the teacher just closed the case in a nice way. The pencil also i will give to the kid. Deep in my heart I knew that the THIEF sure will not admit since the daughter who are only 7 years old able to lie APATAH LAGI The THIEF MOTHER.They all are PROFESSIONAL. I choose to FORGIVE and teach my daughter to do so. GOD Know.....

Because in another view, if teacher keep ask the THIEF she sure will find some way to protect herself that make me feel scare when I am thinking at home......

(1) She might blame back my daughter lie, because the 7 years old kids witness not valid ...blah blah blah

(2) She might .....

Oh ! I really cannot imagine this PROFESSIONAL what is inside their mind. Amituofo !

Amituofo again , the teacher give me a words that she knew that the THIEF daughter are lie from the body language and witnesses words. This is not first time the thief daughter create issue. I really worried because she might blame back my poor princess who are victim as a LIAR like her due they are PROFESSIONAL.

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