Sunday, October 13, 2013

2013 exam over......

Finally 2013 exam over...means at least not only kids can relax but me and hubby more rushing, no more worried homework,exam...bla bla bla.stop rushing twice a day with my baby to fetch my girls twice a day, stop or less nagging for homework.huhhhhhhh til next year...what a wonderful week for girls started stick with ipad again....ohhh i start nagging to control them before they been addicted. After a rest ..i need to do some planning for kids just like a planner...housewife task also got KRA loh.

 I need to plan for:

1. My boy homeschooling sch. I bought training material but do it myself with the assist and advise for my ex principal..she is also my mentor.thanks Ms Gan. My boy will be 3 nextyear...i wanna him really enjoy , enjoy learn thru play so not sending him to school till...???? See how first.

 2. My girl holiday to be that they will not be ipad addict after theschool holiday...need to sit down with them to have a meeting and record down the agenda order they agree with it.

 3. House cleaning..part by part.

 4.2014 balik kampung chinese new year arrangement...hubby help most of it.

 5.count down for disneyland trip.....most excited... So far this is what i need to settle first. Wish me luck