Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ah Kong.....miss u sooooo much.

My dearest ah kong came to my dream last nite....i dream that i went back to our old house at kg melayu flat and i forgot the keys suddenly i realise the door was open bit...when i push the door...ah kong is there with lotsss of stuffs he bought as usual...for us to makan. I in tear..i shouted ah kong, u are here n forgot key la..he just smile. Help me to check my bag. When i wake up  , i really in tears .i misss him  ....hope to see him in the dream again.

Friday, November 22, 2013

First ballet concert..

I only able to record the wonderful moments of my girls with words....their first ballet concert...they so excited even though very tired with lots of practise and rehersal. They just told me ...how nice if i can wear tutu too.....my heart was soooo hurt when they told me that some evil even tease them that their costume not elegant as the other team who wear tutu.sorry that i use the word evil..because the kid keep demotivate my poor girls. I really mad....when my girls achievement good in school ..she told my girl you are not good ...even personalise.....she said my girl are ugly,not fair...bla bla bla. 

Sweeties ....you are the most gorgeous tonite in the stage...and forever.Just ignore those people...they jeolous of your achievement .so sayang my samsung still cannot allow load photo in blog....wish my sweeties all the best.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

academic achievement in 2013

Today will be last day of schoolin 2013....yipeeee

 My two sweeties achievement in academic in year 2013 for me are good ,very good oredi...with no tuition...but just started few months oredi..i help to polish their paper 2 .sob sob.
This year..even though out of the 5 times exam they are like share market chart....overall da da...

 Brenda ..14/295 in year 2013
Amanda ...2/316 in year 2013

 In year 2014 ii set few areas that hope that they can improve be more disipline..in few area to lighten my burden, less nagging.
1.bath n lunch without my nagging
 2.Complete homework on time without my monitor...so that i can rest more hihi
 3.able to take good care n cleaniness of own bedroom n study area 
4. Study smart...

Sunday, October 13, 2013

2013 exam over......

Finally 2013 exam over...means at least not only kids can relax but me and hubby too....no more rushing, no more worried homework,exam...bla bla bla.stop rushing twice a day with my baby to fetch my girls twice a day, stop or less nagging for homework.huhhhhhhh til next year...what a wonderful week for me....my girls started stick with ipad again....ohhh i start nagging to control them before they been addicted. After a rest ..i need to do some planning for kids just like a planner...housewife task also got KRA loh.

 I need to plan for:

1. My boy homeschooling sch. I bought training material but do it myself with the assist and advise for my ex principal..she is also my mentor.thanks Ms Gan. My boy will be 3 nextyear...i wanna him really enjoy , enjoy learn thru play so not sending him to school till...???? See how first.

 2. My girl holiday to be balance....so that they will not be ipad addict after theschool holiday...need to sit down with them to have a meeting and record down the agenda too...in order they agree with it.

 3. House cleaning..part by part.

 4.2014 balik kampung chinese new year arrangement...hubby help most of it.

 5.count down for disneyland trip.....most excited... So far this is what i need to settle first. Wish me luck

Thursday, August 15, 2013

3 sweeties milestones.....

Still cannot load picture to my blog but this will not stop me from loading my sweeties milestone...19 mths old Ryan carrying most of the terrible two attitude,really test my patience. Latest weight 11.9kg..small size but cute. Able to talk well, we speak 95% english with him but surprisingly he can understd mandarin tht her 2 jie jie speak with us daily n he can understd some hokkien too tht i use to speak with hubby daily. Loves only gingerbread story as his bedtime story and yesterday nite he even canContinue some session of the story like....stop, stop...run, run, run as fast you can. When i say the cow ..he wil continue with moooo.so cute. Flash card did work..amituofo. He able to identify colours like blue,pink,red,green,black,brown,yellow....shapes he likes most heart shape,circle,triangle and square. Alphabet around 80% ..planning to start him with peter n jane books but still looking for preloved 1 to 4 series the rest i still have it. Can sing abcdef til g..only.haha. BArney i love you song become one of his favourite song...i change the baa baa black sheep version song to his name make him sooooo happy. My two girls are growing up fast on the way to young lady..weight Amanda 32kg n Brenda 30kg ...still need me remind on eat,bath, study....drink water,love polly pocket on a day. Even sometime 3 of them really drag me to crazy like man woman and sometime i really tired till walk like zombie...but i really love them mossssst.muak muak muak to my 3 sweeties. Thousand thanks to my hubby who work very,very hard for this family..because of him i able to stay with my 3 sweeties. NO DOUBT is a tiring job but i really don know how to destribe the feeling......16.8.2013. I always pray for health,patience and wisdom in order to take care of my 3 sweeties.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Parents Day..2013

Time really flies...this is third time for Amanda and fourth time for Brenda that i went to see their teacher in Sabah....opps i oredi in sabah abt 3 yrs ++ . Just for memory overall ok...form teacher told me Amanda bit playful n careless nowaday....but results good...she get placement 1/317 in std 3 for mid year exam and Brenda get 18/298. Amituofo... Today again their school third monthly exam....they need to sit for ard 5 to 6 times exam per year....stresssssssful I cannot load picture...it just stop there when loading but i can load to facebook. Helppppppp....

Friday, March 22, 2013

Multi tasker mum.....need vitamin B

WIth 2 kids 1 baby onhand....plus housework, cooking,cleaning, driver job fetching from school twice a day...1pm n 3pm,ballet class,marketing really make me TIRED. With no relatives or friends ...by hook or crook i have to everything by own. Sometime when bb fussy i will be more tired. I feel very guilty when my sweeties ask for bedtime story.....i really wish to but my body can't wake up. I REALLY SAD WHEN see MY SWEETIES FACE DISSAPOINTED n said "it's okmama,we know tht u are tired." I also make my blog time during breakfast n using my bb nap time to cook, teach my girls homework then i can't do housework ...like cleaning,ironing, fold clothes etc....pray for energy,patient, health. Sorry Brenda n Amanda.....mama will try to arrarrange equally my time. I really love 3 of them but more time hv to be given to bb Ryan.....how?????

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First time colouring and writing contest in Sabah

Last month Brenda and Amanda joint a colouring and writing contest in Sabah for first time and so lucky for time they won ...Brenda get champion and Amanda get outstanding award for writing competition. Brenda joint colouring but did not get any prizes because other kids are really great. The most important they are soooo happy with the little trophy. They enjoy it...and told they whatever contest there will be win or loose , do not give yourself any preassure and enjoy the process. They will say..Yes, yr majesty...(too much cartoon movie )

Monday, January 21, 2013

13 mths old....Ryan

Our little Ryan are 13 months Very active and cute at this moment. He started understand lots of instrution. Love to play chasing with Amanda. Love hide and seek. His favourate food..banana and apple. When he banana ..he will point and say..nana, apple he will said ple ple. Can identified shape ...star and circle. He will dance when listen to music. He loves small animals and babies...he will ahhhhhh manja sound whenever he see small ans cute things. Always say 'Kai Kai' to his Papa that he wanna go shopping.Lotssss more he always brings happiness and laugh in the family. My two sweeties love their brother...they love kiss him, smell him that Amanda told me that Ryan always smell nice without perfume.hahaha

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Kasih Sayang Resort in KK,Sabah

This is a back dated post too....we spend one night in Kasih Sayang Health n Spa Resort thinking to relax with the SPA but when we are there , the staff told us this service been stop long ago...Grrrrr. The view was excellence...from our room balcony we can see KK town day n night view..NICE!!!. In front of our room will be excellence Mount Kinabalu view. Cool weather during night time. Kids feel boring because no activities for them. Enjoy the expensive meals in the restoran but nice view.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My two sweeties in Board of Prefect

My two sweeties were so excited for their first day to school after long holiday and their first day as school prefect. This photo was taken 6am inthe morning in front of oue house. They were more happy n after excited knew tht hubby on half day leave to bring food to them during rest time. Jia Yu sweeties..

Little Ryan Chinesene Calender Birthday !抓周礼

I never try this 'adat' before for Brenda and Amanda. I knew about it long ago so after see lots of blogger did it and just for fun ..I plan for Ryan, wake up 6.30am this morning for preparation.Little Ryan first round get chopstick and second round get medicine. 1.三字经/字典:代表文学家或律法。 2.毛笔:代表书法家、文人。 3.尺子:具有尺度的意味,代表制定法律者、规范制度者。 4.算盘/计算器:代表商家或生意人。 5.人民币/英镑/美元/欧元:代表富有之意,日后可成为银行家、善于储蓄的富翁或有钱人。 6.印章:代表官位或官权。 7.彩色笔:代表艺术家。 8.碎布头/软尺:代表服装设计师。 9.足球/羽毛球 球:代表运动员。 10.CD/MP3:代表音乐家。 11.勺子/筷子:代表厨师、饭店业者。 12.小鞋子:代表旅行家、探险家。 13.相机/相片:代摄影师。 14.一瓶药:代表医生。 15.鼠标:代表IT业。 16.吃食/玩具:代表有口福,善于及时行乐。 举行抓周礼要注意的事项 1、所选抓周乐要大小一致(不干扰,方便抓取)。 2、所选抓周乐要颜色一致(不要造成视觉上的干扰)。 3、所选抓周乐必须是宝宝第一次接触。 4、抓周的过程中亲友不要干预。 5、抓两次即可。 6、要在吃中午饭之前举行抓周活动。 info from
快乐的小天使 blog as references.