Tuesday, November 12, 2013

academic achievement in 2013

Today will be last day of schoolin 2013....yipeeee

 My two sweeties achievement in academic in year 2013 for me are good ,very good oredi...with no tuition...but just started few months oredi..i help to polish their paper 2 .sob sob.
This year..even though out of the 5 times exam they are like share market chart....overall da da...

 Brenda ..14/295 in year 2013
Amanda ...2/316 in year 2013

 In year 2014 ii set few areas that hope that they can improve be more disipline..in few area to lighten my burden, less nagging.
1.bath n lunch without my nagging
 2.Complete homework on time without my monitor...so that i can rest more hihi
 3.able to take good care n cleaniness of own bedroom n study area 
4. Study smart...