Monday, February 27, 2012

Little Ryan 2 months old

Busyyyyy til now only able to update some of Ryan daily life photo during 2 months old.
So cute now with lots of 'anggu'when u talk to him.

Weight : 6kg

Length : 62cm

My Princesses new version- Family

Soooo sweet that Brenda n Amanda starter to accept and welcome their little brother. Look at their drawing my family.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our FIRST family photo with Ryan....

This is our FIRST family photo with little Ryan in Penang taken by our friend Mr Yeoh Joo Yam n Family after our classmate gathering.Thank you Uncle Yam...

Ryan first photo with 2 Jie Jie

This is my sweet Prince n Princesses photo.

Full Moon for Ryan.....终于弥月了!

This is back, back dated post due to BUSY n my computer down too....

13-01-2012 our little Ryan was Full Moon..yipee

He had his first month jab too...ohhh! he cry badly

1 month old

Weight : 4.75kg
Length : 57cm
Head Circumference :38.5cm