Sunday, August 30, 2009

Brenda write a song for us.....

That day Brenda bring a piece of paper and give it to me and said 'MaMa this is specially for you and PaPA and I love both of you.' Oh heart really mealt , so sweet of her...Thanks sweet heart. PaPa and MaMa love you.

Some ' Bento' during school holidays.

Some picture of my first step to Bento without any Bento 'Ka Chang' yet. My two little princess love it. The most important they said MaMa yummy yummy......I will work more after get more'Ka Chang' ....hi hi

Hubby Merdeka Birthday all the way fr London (Thks Mom)

Dear Hubby wish to thanks Dear MIL for the pants. Amanda said it is cow moo moo pants.

Amanda's Birthday Present from PaPa & MaMa

This is a preloved Little Tikes Kitchen that we bought from Tiny Star. They love it. Happy Birthday Sweet Heart !

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Primary School

My little Princess Rou is prepared for Std 1. Last week we went to the primary school for'pengesahan'. A little town here have not much choice. For the convenience I need to choose which school have morning session only so that I can have more quality time with the kids. This school is the nearest (abt 5min) drive from our house. I thinking to change or stay after lots of negative feedback from lots of parents with true story(the parents told personally)
* Understand from most parents Principal not around most of the time- attend 'kursus', most of the teachers act like they are Queen there. Assistant Principal 'ade macam tak de..same gang la. High students turn over but i can't get the figure.

This school LOVES to use fizikal punishment....examples

(1) not allow students to go to wash room.. every time go to wash room must kena one cane. End up
:- kids dare not drink water..(parents said their kids brings full bottle home)
:- One of the mother told me her kids get urine inffection due to 'tahan kencing'

(2) When class is noisy whole class will kena cane whether u are talking or not.

(3) Throw children book on the floor and ask them to pick up.

(4) Threaten a kids when they are talking will cut their lips with scissor and she really cut and injured the poor girl lips and told the parents she already said sorry and did it accidentally.

(5) Bit kids till got scar and minor bleeding.

(6) Twist children ears till minor bleeding due to the teacher finger nails.

(7) Cane if you put water bottle on the table (should be on the floor) for standard 1. I think the kids will really forbia.

Lotss more after survey

I just wondering any others parents with kids in Chinese Primary facing the same problems? or it is a practise nowaday? or have to close one eye because all the primary are the same ? I need feedback