Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Primary School

My little Princess Rou is prepared for Std 1. Last week we went to the primary school for'pengesahan'. A little town here have not much choice. For the convenience I need to choose which school have morning session only so that I can have more quality time with the kids. This school is the nearest (abt 5min) drive from our house. I thinking to change or stay after lots of negative feedback from lots of parents with true story(the parents told personally)
* Understand from most parents Principal not around most of the time- attend 'kursus', most of the teachers act like they are Queen there. Assistant Principal 'ade macam tak de..same gang la. High students turn over but i can't get the figure.

This school LOVES to use fizikal punishment....examples

(1) not allow students to go to wash room.. every time go to wash room must kena one cane. End up
:- kids dare not drink water..(parents said their kids brings full bottle home)
:- One of the mother told me her kids get urine inffection due to 'tahan kencing'

(2) When class is noisy whole class will kena cane whether u are talking or not.

(3) Throw children book on the floor and ask them to pick up.

(4) Threaten a kids when they are talking will cut their lips with scissor and she really cut and injured the poor girl lips and told the parents she already said sorry and did it accidentally.

(5) Bit kids till got scar and minor bleeding.

(6) Twist children ears till minor bleeding due to the teacher finger nails.

(7) Cane if you put water bottle on the table (should be on the floor) for standard 1. I think the kids will really forbia.

Lotss more after survey

I just wondering any others parents with kids in Chinese Primary facing the same problems? or it is a practise nowaday? or have to close one eye because all the primary are the same ? I need feedback


  1. Gosh! That sounds horrible! Is it really happening? Just rumours only or have you spoken to the parents concerned? How about speaking to the teachers or the head of the school to get a better picture? If 4 and 5 is really happening, the teacher/school should be sued! Its ridiculous! If it were true I would not send my child to this school so I think you s hould investigate further.

    As to your question, no, my child's chinese primary school is not the same. I would not close one eye if this were happening.

  2. Hi, I'm used to be a temporary teacher for few months & sadly to say I can only agree on item 1, the rest I would say it's not true at all.
    Each school does have its own rules in its education. Normally the 班 主 任 will sets it's rule in the class during the 1st day of school. Beating / canning & punishment will have do depends on the teacher. But so far, this isn't as bad as what you've describe in it till bleeding. I believed teachers are noble job as they educate our child.
    If this "bad things" really happening at your kid's school, it should be have reported as a bad school by government by now. If affordable, you can opt for private school, which caters for lesser students and with better environment for kids. You can always seek for the final option that is home schooling, which is quite common at Europes & States ^_^

  3. Gosh!! Is this for real?? I cannot imagine any of these happening in school, or are we too "protected" in Singapore?

    Cane.. Although i agree on spare the rod, spoil the child, but i think canning should only be done on a very valid reason and after repeated counseling and warnings.

    Smacking / Twisting the ears are should strictly not be permitted.. What happens if they accidently injure the child's ears causing them to go deaf or something?

    Throwing books on the floor is an insult to the child to make the child see themselves as being so "little"?

    Bite or Beat the child till there is scar sounds so scary to me!

    I really cannot imagine.. U are frightening me.. My hb did suggest we bring our 3 kids back to Malaysia soon since he is thinking of moving back.. Now i am just so scared and worried!

    I dunno bout the schools in Malaysia, but i don't think i can close an eye to such abuse. And, if that school is the only option available, i think the next better option will be to home-school the child!