Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ryan...1 year old BIRTHDAY

13 UPPERSTAR KK, Sabah. Today is our little Ryan 1st birthday. May Happy n Healthly always with you.When the birthday song was on...everybody in the Upperstar restoran clap hands and sing the birthday song to share the happiness...ohhhh so sweet!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Flash Card...with little Ryan

I have been flash card to Ryan since he is 3 months ols...never expect anything just hope can help to make his future learning life Papa tuition $$$$ loh. Hahaha til today he still did not show any interest in flash card... Last time with Brenda n Amanda I able to flash 3 times perday but little Ryan if can 1 time also Amituofo oredi...hahaha For the flash card....the chinese words i need to buy all again because oredi give away usual to save cost English flash card I DIY lo...and action moving I let him enjoy 'Your Baby Can Read' least he understand arms up and will put his arm up, do some action when listen to the song...sooooo cute.