Sunday, March 20, 2011

开学啦 ! (1st term school break END)

Time flies so fast, today will be the end of the 1st term school break. All the mad rush and stress associated with school will resume again.We all started looking forward for the 2nd school term break to come! he he he.....

Ok...9.15am I need to rush to my girl school for morning usual.

How to tolerate ???? Part 2

(this is the place that they fed the wild cat)

(This is the cat poo and the white spot was the second 'poo' that I already clean with Clorox)

This evening around 7.30pm when all of us happily ready went out for dinner. Once we step out the main kids shouted 'poo' again. This is the third cases in this month. I REALLY HATE IT..and there are things that I will and will not do....

I definitely not going to clean this mess again.

Report to Management Office about this 'story' with photo.

If still continue ....plan to MOVE (unluckily this is not our house), because there is another issue that bothering me too..there is a 'KING KONG' from zoo move to my upstairs recently and will running at least from 6am to 10pm averagely, specially during school holiday.(see how unlucky am I)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This School Holiday ....

This is also backdated post....When my kids and I jumping happily on the last day of school on last Friday due to school holiday and the Kudat trip.

Case 1
My girls pass me a piece of paper with exam syllabus which exam date will be on 28-03-2011 after school around 1.00pm..can u imagine the feeling that this holiday will be more on revision.

Case 2
Around 4.30pm while we watch TV, the news of tsunami....and our trip to Kudat that hubby apply leave few months ago....oh , oh

Poor kids and Poor me...sob sob but we already looking forward for next holiday...hahaha

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mars needs Moms

Last weekend due to tsunami, we have to cancel/postponed our trip to Kudat. Our princesses so disappointed because we already planned this trip few months ago. Hubby promised will bring them there next school holiday with the explanation the danger of tsunami. In order to cheer them up, hubby bring them to cinema for their favourite movie..."Mars needs Moms".

How to tolerate ????

My opposite neighbour who are very 'caring' always invite the wild cats to our apartments 2nd floor and feed them outside the house. After meal the wild cats will 'poo' outside the common area. Ok...what make me sooooo hot.

(1) There are only four units per floor and only three to four steps from my house to my neighbour house.

(2) The wild cats already 'poo' twice in common area which is five steps from my house and in front of my mat once. Nobody will border..I will be the one clean up due to the hygience ...i really cannot 'tahan' the smell and they will just step the 'poo' till staircase (worst).

(3) Last year during fasting month things get worst they will give the wild cats 'buka puasa' left over food with bone and sticky gravy on the common area floor and imagine the ctas will drag the food all over the floor.

I have no obligation if she is soooo caring and please invite the cats INSIDE her house to feed and clean up the mess after the cat party.OR she can feed the cats downstairs.

Imagine if i also invite the wild dogs that around my area come up to my house because I love dog too and the dogs do the same things. How will the neighbour who dislike dogs will feel ?

Hello...'timbang rasa' lah kawan. Why ? Why? I always met this type of neighbour. I really pray hard to have good neighbour. Amituofo....

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami Again !!!

The first tsunami that we experienced was in 2004 when we are still in Penang. I feel the shake when in my 26th floor Condominium but at that moment still don't know what is happening. My house fan are shaking and me too, after few seconds all my neighbour are running out from house towards down stairs. With a few months old baby and another about one years plus toddles alone at home.(Hubby working) How can I run using staircase from 26th floor ? I choose to stay my heart if there time nobody able to brave of me (ha ha).

Yesterday, again heard the news of tsunami and again place that we stay 'Sabah' high risk area of tsunami from 6pm to 12am yesterday. Just call hubby to return home as soon as possible after work (just in my heart nor matter what happen , just hope we are together) and to cancel our Kudat trip on Saturday (sob...sob).

Amituofu !!! pray for peace of the world.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Well Done !

This is also back dated post. Last week my two sweet heart gave us (me and hubby)a great susprise when they get their first monthly exam which were held before CNY.

Amanda get 1st in class (1/53)and 1st in whole standard 1.(1/320) (I am so happy and can't believe it till i see the result twice) She quickly called Papa, Peh Kong n Po Po (My uncle and Aunty) and Poh Poh (Her MIL. I give her a big hug and kiss ...tell that Mama so happy and pround of you and JIA YU !

Brenda get 16th in class (16/53)and 16th in whole standard 2(16/306) She is doing quite well, since she's been in elite class this year.. I dare not put much expectation and prepare her mindset that even you get not so good place in elite class you are still very good because everybody are good there. Of course A big hug and kiss from me with happy and pround ..JIA YU !

Monday, March 7, 2011

What make me so brave today....????

(This is not the real scenario, of course i did not take her car picture) ....give her a chance lo...

In my girls school, all parents who wish to fetch their kids without come down from cars have to go through car line up base like 'Mcdonald drive in system' very convenience.Of course line up base on first come first serve. Some parents even have to come as early as 11.15am to get front role and wait for school dismiss at 12.50pm. I usually reach around 11.40am.

Recently, there are few parents who came late and 'jump queue', they will come beside or even in front of your car and slot in when car is moving. Isn't is too much ???

There is a car already did this several days and all parents already noticed but dare not do anything only willing to gossip behind.

Today this car cut the line and park in front of my car. I don't know from where i have this 'power' come down from my car and go to her a polite and nice tone."Excuse me Miss, You need to line up and you already cut queue." without a words thanks or sorry....she just answer 'then you move your car and park in front of me la..' OMG !!! she don't know behind my car there are around 30+ cars who line up under the sun and waiting too.

After this incident, I so scare that why this lady so unreasonable.....she might be school VIP members wife or '(Gangters)Kongsi Gelap' members i going to be in trouble. I put my fingers together and pray...AMITUOFO !

Sorry, i did not means to interrupt you 'cut queue' but hope that you can understand the feeling of queue under the sun for hours since 11.40am and suddenly you cut the line when the school bell ring.