Sunday, March 20, 2011

How to tolerate ???? Part 2

(this is the place that they fed the wild cat)

(This is the cat poo and the white spot was the second 'poo' that I already clean with Clorox)

This evening around 7.30pm when all of us happily ready went out for dinner. Once we step out the main kids shouted 'poo' again. This is the third cases in this month. I REALLY HATE IT..and there are things that I will and will not do....

I definitely not going to clean this mess again.

Report to Management Office about this 'story' with photo.

If still continue ....plan to MOVE (unluckily this is not our house), because there is another issue that bothering me too..there is a 'KING KONG' from zoo move to my upstairs recently and will running at least from 6am to 10pm averagely, specially during school holiday.(see how unlucky am I)

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