Monday, March 14, 2011

How to tolerate ????

My opposite neighbour who are very 'caring' always invite the wild cats to our apartments 2nd floor and feed them outside the house. After meal the wild cats will 'poo' outside the common area. Ok...what make me sooooo hot.

(1) There are only four units per floor and only three to four steps from my house to my neighbour house.

(2) The wild cats already 'poo' twice in common area which is five steps from my house and in front of my mat once. Nobody will border..I will be the one clean up due to the hygience ...i really cannot 'tahan' the smell and they will just step the 'poo' till staircase (worst).

(3) Last year during fasting month things get worst they will give the wild cats 'buka puasa' left over food with bone and sticky gravy on the common area floor and imagine the ctas will drag the food all over the floor.

I have no obligation if she is soooo caring and please invite the cats INSIDE her house to feed and clean up the mess after the cat party.OR she can feed the cats downstairs.

Imagine if i also invite the wild dogs that around my area come up to my house because I love dog too and the dogs do the same things. How will the neighbour who dislike dogs will feel ?

Hello...'timbang rasa' lah kawan. Why ? Why? I always met this type of neighbour. I really pray hard to have good neighbour. Amituofo....

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  1. Oh, they memang mcm ni! em.. no matter how "well off" they are now.. the culture will never change! em.. staying at bungalow, but the house is so messy! grr..