Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami Again !!!

The first tsunami that we experienced was in 2004 when we are still in Penang. I feel the shake when in my 26th floor Condominium but at that moment still don't know what is happening. My house fan are shaking and me too, after few seconds all my neighbour are running out from house towards down stairs. With a few months old baby and another about one years plus toddles alone at home.(Hubby working) How can I run using staircase from 26th floor ? I choose to stay my heart if there time nobody able to brave of me (ha ha).

Yesterday, again heard the news of tsunami and again place that we stay 'Sabah' high risk area of tsunami from 6pm to 12am yesterday. Just call hubby to return home as soon as possible after work (just in my heart nor matter what happen , just hope we are together) and to cancel our Kudat trip on Saturday (sob...sob).

Amituofu !!! pray for peace of the world.