Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Well Done !

This is also back dated post. Last week my two sweet heart gave us (me and hubby)a great susprise when they get their first monthly exam which were held before CNY.

Amanda get 1st in class (1/53)and 1st in whole standard 1.(1/320) (I am so happy and can't believe it till i see the result twice) She quickly called Papa, Peh Kong n Po Po (My uncle and Aunty) and Poh Poh (Her MIL. I give her a big hug and kiss ...tell that Mama so happy and pround of you and JIA YU !

Brenda get 16th in class (16/53)and 16th in whole standard 2(16/306) She is doing quite well, since she's been in elite class this year.. I dare not put much expectation and prepare her mindset that even you get not so good place in elite class you are still very good because everybody are good there. Of course A big hug and kiss from me with happy and pround ..JIA YU !

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