Monday, March 7, 2011

What make me so brave today....????

(This is not the real scenario, of course i did not take her car picture) ....give her a chance lo...

In my girls school, all parents who wish to fetch their kids without come down from cars have to go through car line up base like 'Mcdonald drive in system' very convenience.Of course line up base on first come first serve. Some parents even have to come as early as 11.15am to get front role and wait for school dismiss at 12.50pm. I usually reach around 11.40am.

Recently, there are few parents who came late and 'jump queue', they will come beside or even in front of your car and slot in when car is moving. Isn't is too much ???

There is a car already did this several days and all parents already noticed but dare not do anything only willing to gossip behind.

Today this car cut the line and park in front of my car. I don't know from where i have this 'power' come down from my car and go to her a polite and nice tone."Excuse me Miss, You need to line up and you already cut queue." without a words thanks or sorry....she just answer 'then you move your car and park in front of me la..' OMG !!! she don't know behind my car there are around 30+ cars who line up under the sun and waiting too.

After this incident, I so scare that why this lady so unreasonable.....she might be school VIP members wife or '(Gangters)Kongsi Gelap' members i going to be in trouble. I put my fingers together and pray...AMITUOFO !

Sorry, i did not means to interrupt you 'cut queue' but hope that you can understand the feeling of queue under the sun for hours since 11.40am and suddenly you cut the line when the school bell ring.

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  1. Don't worry, doubt so she will remember you! heheh..