Monday, August 30, 2010

生日快乐~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to HUBBY ! May health and happy always with you ! We love you...from yr sweethearts...Brenda, Amanda and wife.

Birthday Clipart

Happy Birthday to Malaysia too!

Princess Amanda Graduation Concert

Pricess Amanda with their Award

Her form teacher - Teacher Rena (very loving and caring teacher)

Her ex-form teacher- Teacher Anna

(second from the left)

Last Saturday was my Princess Amanda Graduation Concert and this is first time I able to be audience because previously I was kindy teacher who need to be busy at back stage. youngest princess will be in standard 1 soon.

Their dance get award lo...ha ha...nice Indian combine Arabian dance.

I going to miss that because no more concert after they go to primary school.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rest time in school

Sharing some photos taken during princess Brenda rest time in school. Brenda already adapt to new school life.

Monday, August 16, 2010

考试 again....and some feeling

Princess Brenda fourth monthly exam will start on 16 August to 19 August. As usual mama will be more 'kan cheong' than kids...end up very tired lo..我很累, 很累。 累得不知道自己在忙些什么?but very I am very happy and satisfied mentally because I am FTSAHM(full time stay at home mother)...I really enjoy every moment with the kids, play with them, jokes with them, chat with them, angry with them, 'kan cheong' with them, we do it together...I don't have this opportunity during my childhood so I want my kids to have me ALWAYS in their childhood.

Everyday when I reach Brenda school with bento for her during rest time. I will said in my heart :'Amituofo,感恩!'Guan Yin Pu Sha',感恩!Hubby.. I wish to thanks HUBBY for giving me a chance to be SAHM.,“老公,辛苦你了!”
This feeling was stronger when I see my little princess smile happily when she see me and enjoy the food I bring.

I knew this feeling because I did FEEL it happily when my 'Ah Kong' visit me in school during my rest time with food. 感恩! Ah Kong.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Princess Amanda 6th Birthday in Sabah

As per birthday girl request she wish to celebrate her birthday in Japanese Restaurant, yes...she loves sushi.We have our dinner in Wagamama Restaurant in Lintas Square,thee food there look nice but the taste...(this is our first and last visit..ha ha)We still prefer Sushi King. Our birthday girl cake, of course with milk cow picture..ha ha ha she loves milk cow.


Friday, August 6, 2010

Something make my Brenda sooooo happy...

Princess Brenda step out of her class room with a big smile on her face this afternoon. I can smell something good happened in class that make her so happy.She then happily announced that she has 2 good news to share, first she scored 100 for BM pre-test on 'sinonim and antonim'and get choc. wafer as reward from teacher and second was report from last monthly test, she able to maintain top ten in class and get no. 26 of 309 in whole standard 1. Having said this, I am really proud of my princess for faring well in all her tests.especially she only joint in this school beginning of April. 'Jia Yu' my little princess.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sabah-Tanjung Aru Beach

Last weekend, hubby bring all of us to the Tanjung Aru Beach. We enjoy the trip and will bring swim suit for the kids next trip to play with water. Nice, very nice ....some pictures for sharing. Very relax and can have peace of mind there. We love that FEEL...........