Monday, August 16, 2010

考试 again....and some feeling

Princess Brenda fourth monthly exam will start on 16 August to 19 August. As usual mama will be more 'kan cheong' than kids...end up very tired lo..我很累, 很累。 累得不知道自己在忙些什么?but very I am very happy and satisfied mentally because I am FTSAHM(full time stay at home mother)...I really enjoy every moment with the kids, play with them, jokes with them, chat with them, angry with them, 'kan cheong' with them, we do it together...I don't have this opportunity during my childhood so I want my kids to have me ALWAYS in their childhood.

Everyday when I reach Brenda school with bento for her during rest time. I will said in my heart :'Amituofo,感恩!'Guan Yin Pu Sha',感恩!Hubby.. I wish to thanks HUBBY for giving me a chance to be SAHM.,“老公,辛苦你了!”
This feeling was stronger when I see my little princess smile happily when she see me and enjoy the food I bring.

I knew this feeling because I did FEEL it happily when my 'Ah Kong' visit me in school during my rest time with food. 感恩! Ah Kong.


  1. 你的正面想法很好!
    Nat,enjoy your SAHM’s life...

  2. Ya, Lee...I strongly agree with you.Thanks for yr support.