Saturday, June 18, 2011

New family member on the way..........

Will like to take this opportunity to officially announced that I am now 13 weeks++ and our new family member on the way and will be here to say Hello on December.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Road Gangster in Sabah

Gangster Car......that i met this afternoon

Bad day...I meet with a UNREASONABLE road gangster. His Toyota Hilux bang my little Viva back when his reversed his car, fortunately my car was safe and of course his big stupid car was safe and sound. Actually, this minor case can be solve by simple word 'Sorry' because both side car also no damage.But unfortunately this stupid unreasonable, uneducated road gangster knew that he is wrong and without understand situation just come out from the car shout at my friend seeing that we two women with two kids and he afraid that we will ask him to pay for damage and to act fearful will scare us and of course i also raise my voice.That stupid gangster even wanted to raise his hand on me.Very angry, dare him as a 'man' so rude...sure one day he will 'kena' with somebody same attitude with bad ya..curse him woh....but really bad, bad man he is.tooooooo much. very scary too...pray that 'PU SA' pleasse let those devil away from me far forever...amituofo..very scary til I still cannot take my lunch til 3pm now.

I personally will like to take this opportunity to thanks a uncle that come out to stop the stupid gangster from doing rough to me.Thank you uncle and due to the situation i did not even thanks him personally.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our Anniversary ---- We been together 12 years

This photo for decoration purpose only...because i love blue roses...i very 'kedekut'punya will not spend money for this..hahaha

Oooppsss- time really flies sooooo fast. 06061999 a date that I will not forget, still feel sooooooooooooo sweet til today.

hubby thanks for everthing.....I love you forever.