Saturday, January 5, 2013

Kasih Sayang Resort in KK,Sabah

This is a back dated post too....we spend one night in Kasih Sayang Health n Spa Resort thinking to relax with the SPA but when we are there , the staff told us this service been stop long ago...Grrrrr. The view was excellence...from our room balcony we can see KK town day n night view..NICE!!!. In front of our room will be excellence Mount Kinabalu view. Cool weather during night time. Kids feel boring because no activities for them. Enjoy the expensive meals in the restoran but nice view.


  1. 我们没有上去住过,因为我老公说不值得,他说驾车上去喝茶和看风景就好了,这样的价钱去神山住比较爽哦!

  2. Ya...expensive bit but worth it la....NICE ViEW!