Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Surprise

Everyday when I go to fetch my Princesses Brenda, if she got any good and happy things to share she will do it immediate at the moment step out from her class.Like she scored for spelling, ejaan, or others. This is the way ..

Brenda : Mama, i got susprised for you.

Mama : Good or bad susprised.

Brenda : You want which one ?

Mama : errr..both also mama wish to hear.

Brenda : Good close you eyes and count 1,2,3

Mama : Of course i will close my eyes and count.

Yesterday, after school immediately she run to in front of me and tell me 'Mama , I got something for you'. She quickly search and dig something from her school bag till sweating. I thought is her spelling or ejaan as usual and just told her let show mama in the car and it is hot and a lots of students here. She insist and ...DA Da.... sweet of her and she write everything by herself. I really melted and give her a kiss and said thank you.(the little card now is in our living room wall)

ROU, Thank you and mama LOVE U forever.

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