Friday, May 28, 2010

Water like GOLD

WAH!...this is my first reaction when hubby show me the water bill.My family headcount only 2 adults and 2 kids. Before show the amount of the water bill, let me analyse and compare from the other state that we stay before why WAH!..

(Penang) average less than RM8 per month with same headcount.

(Kedah) Average RM12 per month with car washing and kids play in small pool 1 or 2 times per week plus gardening.

(Selangor) FREE water loh!!!

(Sabah) With always no water supply, very low water preassure til cannot use shower and washing machine .....we have to pay RM36++

I must go and survey why Sabahan have to pay so high water bill compare with other state. Almost raining everyday here,?????? After blah, blah, blah....also have to go and line up in pay the bill. Ha ha ha...


  1. How come water in Selangor is FREE?? Gosh..
    8 bucks water bill is CHEAP!!
    35 bucks to me is still cheap.

    Mine averagely per month is $50-80 bucks!

    Electricity here is cut throat de.. Mine averagely $180 per month. 1 unit air-con every night. the rest are normal usage.

  2. Selangor water bill free for certain level since last year opposition win state election. Wow ! really expensive in Singapore loh....