Friday, July 9, 2010


Last week,my poor princesses was down with flu and cough badly. The clinic medicine cannot work so have to go for private child specialist doctor. Due to this is first time in Sabah so need to get advise from parents. I go for a wrong doctor due to that area have plenty of child specialist and I really careless enter without see the doctor name due to rushing and it is night clinic (really 'blur blur')Papa said never mind as well is child specialist should be ok la....after my princesses taken the medicine 3 days still no improvement and she has to sit for her school exam next week. We go for another famous recommended child specialist again on Wednesday and for the first time, doctor advise my princesses to rest at home and give her 2 days MC. Princess Brenda ask me what is MC ? after my explanation she give me a smile happily....ha ha no need to go to school. Finally, they really recovered. Because of my 'blur blur' poor kids have to suffer and Papa has to pay double costly medical bills. SOrrrryyyy ya ....

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