Friday, July 16, 2010


Last week my princess was absent for school two days and when she return to school was her monthly exam and the class room seats already rearranged so she not sure where should be her seat, all the classmate was very helpful try to show her but they also only 7 years old and also not sure (one said here and another said there).During the discussion suddenly come a 'girl' who act like she is the boss in the class. Below are the conversation..

The bossy GIRL : (Using step mother tone)..where is your place? with the step mother fierce face some more.

My poor girl : Very scare and use her hand point ...i think here.

The Bossy : SIT!!! (the tone like instruct dog)

My poor girl : quickly sit down.
(CASE 1)
I am standing outside the classroom see and heard everything. Ohhhh heart
so pain (only mother with kids will feel the pain when see your kids been 'buli')

Some introduction of the girl so that the story and picture will be more clear.

The bossy girl is the very intelligent, smart girl in teacher eyes, Good academic, represent class for story telling or singing contest always champion but attitude ....!!! some more teacher let her lead the class for reading session before class start. Everybody MUST follow. This make her become worst ...bossy and dictator attitude become worst. The way she talk and act...please imagine. My girl did told me that teacher always remind the girl on her attitude. Luckily she was not selected as monitor or else WORST....

Before this, my princess did feedback to me that the bossy girl always take and use her stationery pencils, eraser, sharpener, colour pencils. I thought the bossy girl don't have or forgot to bring, but my daughter said bossy girl had and she don't take from classmate beside her but 'disturb' my princess who sit behind her. WHY ????? I just told my girl if the bossy girl 'disturb' again just tell her to use her own stationery.
(CASE 2)

The case that make me HOT was this Friday, my poor girl told me once she step in the car after school....

My princess : Mama, the xxx xxx (the bossy girl) told me that next time if she knock knock my table twice means she want eraser from me and if she pull my pencil case means she wanted to talk with me and ......the bossy girl give my all this instruction and ask my girl to act whenever she give signal. That's TOO girl not your 'AH YI'.
(CASE 3)

越想越心痛....I really hope to find a way to stop my girl been "BULI" in a peaceful way. I wanted my to learn to protect herself. HOW ????

孩子们受苦的时候,我们做父母的看到那种情形,都希望可以帮孩子 but I will let her learn from that because she might meet more this kind of people in future.


  1. 看了你的案子,觉得这是学童当中很普遍的事情。我家老大以前也是面对同样的问题,他的铅笔盒被人丢经垃圾桶,当组长被副班长欺负,不让他管小组的事,裤子被人扯破。。。。。。我觉得幸好我没亲眼看到,不然那个小孩会死得很惨!但是也幸好我没看见,我才可以冷静处理。我叫我家老大和那些欺负他的人做朋友,并让他明白那样的行为是不对的,他不要学习,但是他可以影响他的朋友和他一样有礼貌。我也不在孩子面前数别家小孩的不是,免得他会对那些孩子有仇恨心。现在老大也没有成为被buli的对象了,那些欺负他的人都和他交朋友了。或许你也可以试试看。

  2. Nat, is it possible to talk with the teacher re this bossy girl's behaviour?

    Buli is very common in school. My nephew is 1 of the victims for he doesnt fluent in mandarin (he speaks mandarin since young). They LOL abot him and love teasing him whenever possible!! They even nick him name ~ Banana Boy!!