Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Year cum Valentine's susprise...

This is actually back dated post..but I want to keep this sweet memory in my blog. I believe this memory will be very , very sweet when i read that it in my old age...ha ha ha...

Few days before CNY evening, I received a call from hubby that he will back late tonight due to workload.He back around 7.30pm that night with a very touching surprise for me...a gift for me due to my hard work for the kids....I drive very frequent sending kids to school, extra class, ballet class, market so I get sun burn and caused my skin colour uneven. Hubby said...pity me woh and this is what he can do...very touching loh...dream also smiling that night..he he he

Another gift is for our valentine..... 2 new mobile phone(One for me and One for Hubby). Thanks Hubby you forever.


  1. 都是很实用的礼物,

  2. Thaks Lee for yr 祝福(blessing) sweet