Sunday, November 22, 2009

Graduation and Concert 2009

Brenda Graduation Photo

Awards...from left Brenda's Outstanding Award 2009 in 6 years old, 3rd Best Performance Award 2009 in 6 Yeards old, Amanda's Best Performance Award 2009 in 5 yeards old and Capability Award 2009 in 5 years old. Papa and Mama feel sooo proud he..he

Family photo

Mama with princesses

Our two little sweet princesses

Our princesses Graduation and concert fall on 21-11-2009 held in Park Avenue Hotel in SP, Kedah. Due to hubby dare not go near to the stage to take photo so some dance performance's photo taken not clear and blur. Luckily we still can get the CD and photo from school.All teachers are wearing nyonya's kebaya so the Little Nyonya is me.(My Paternal Grandma(po po) is nyonya too...look alike nyonya or not?)

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