Thursday, November 26, 2009

Working On "Public Holiday" ???!!!!

Poor hubby have to wake up early this morning to work while all family members and neighbours are sleeping soundly. I wake up around 8.30am this morning and I saw all the neighbours cars are inside the car porch.

Today should be 'Hari Raya Haji Holiday'
11.00am - Can heard most of the neighbours are in the house. Some are preparing for outing due to tomorrow is Saturday. Some are going out with family for breakfast. When you can heard the sound of car engine, door locking, gate closing, neighbours kids are shouting happily 'kai kai'(outing) Luckily my two princesses still sleeping and plan them to wake up late also never mind, don't want to either seee or heard all this to upset them. Erggggh...and poor hubby is working and two kids and me are at home and tomorrow hubby are compulsory to work due to month end. We will get use to but...this is first time and myself and kids still new to this place with no friends ...very kesian lo

Ha ha..U know hubby even told me that their factory are open on 'Christmas Day'while we are preparing our christmas tree in the living room (Can u imagine our feeling at that moment) oh ! really fantastic 'hard working company'. What to do ? Cari makan susah lo ....thinking of the same scenario(like today) will be happen on Christmas day morning really Errghhh again.
p/s I understand from hubby that the owner(big boss la) is christian woh!


  1. No worries, Nat...Adriel and Cheryl will celebrate this year Xmas together with Brenda/Amanda...Cheers!!!

  2. Hi Nat, Thanks for dropping by my blog. :D and your family just moved to a new place? I hope you will settle at the new place soon. Yes..cari makan is very susah.