Saturday, October 29, 2011

My 32 wks check gynae

Finally, after discuss with hubby we decided to change gynae.Hubby also decided to let me deliver in that hospital after we had a wad tour this afternoon.

I told the new doctor about my tiredness and some problems that I am facing. I was advise to take more rest and do less heavy work due to my placenta position quite low. The tiredness that i am facing may due to my iron level low and i must take more iron tables and change multivitamin for me that more easy to digest.

My weight : 63.4kg

BB weight : 2.0kg


  1. Wow Wow。。 很快就生了吧? 還有幾個月?

  2. Hi J sky, I'm countiong down the date now...1 month + to go...

  3. 多多休息~