Saturday, October 15, 2011

My 30 wks check up...

A very fast RM80-00 check -up without any vitamin...NO PHOTO again Grrrrr...paid for RM100 for the CD already second time just give me reason "too crowded inside can't see clear".

My weight : 61.8kg

BB weight : 1.44kg

I am so worried tht BB only gain 150g for two weeks and doctor said is ok..????

I did not even have change to see my BB photo and situation...the doctor only scan for few seconds with no words then's really make me feel like changing doctor already....

I am the one keep asking...after scan he will only said " see u next 2 weeks time". If i did not ask the BB ok kah? what the weight? i will be go in like this and come out like that paying RM80-00....


  1. Hahaha.. why you gynae ini mcm? Too popular ?? Maybe it's time to change?

  2. 如果感覺不安的話,應該多找一個醫生來看一下。

  3. Thanks J sky...ya this doctor quite famous in KK...u are right...I am looking for another gynae because sudah dua kali macam ini.


    Thanks for yr advise...ya i am looking for another gynae ....orrrrr may be give him one more change..hahahaha..

  4. 你有去政府复诊的吗?

  5. Hi cutemum, at first i did plan to deliver in Govt.Hospital but due to some reason...i 'pa pa' (scare). Confinement lady i employ a experience indonesian lady who charge 2k ...because i need her help to take care my daughter too.